Yonca Aslanbay


Faculty of Communication / Department of Communication Design and Management

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  • Education:

    PhD in Business Administration, MarmaraUniversity (1992)
    MA in Business Administration, BoğaziçiUniversity (1987)
    BA in Management, BoğaziçiUniversity (1985)

    1-Key areas of study
    Consumption and markets, digital consumer, research methodology

    2-Academic work: 

    • Demiray M. & Aslanbay Y. (2016). “The Crowdfunding Communities and the Value of Identification for Sustainability of Co-Creation”, ed. in Crowdfunding for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation: 155-174 
    • Demiray M., Burnaz S. & Aslanbay Y. (2016) “The Crowdfunding Market, Models, Platforms, and Projects”, ed. in Crowdfunding for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation: 90-126 
    • Hesapci O. & Aslanbay Y. (2015).  “The Networked Self: Collectivism Redefined” in Civic Engagements through Social Media Causes” ed. in Handbook of Research on Waste Management Techniques for Sustainability, 262-276 
    • Senol I., Levi E. & Aslanbay Y. (2015).  “A New Fashion Consumer Typology: Dealing for Luxury via Electronic Markets”.International Journal of Business and Social Science 6(7) July: 12-20
    • Gorgulu V., Aslanbay Y., Bursa G. & Yucel A.G. (2015). “Television program format preferences and aggression of football fans” International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences.Vol.1 (1): 38-46. 
    • Aslanbay Y., and Hesapci-Sanaktekin, O. (2014). Advertising Education in Turkey. In Richards J. and Ross B. (eds.), Advertising Education Around the World: 342-361. USA:American Academy of Advertising & Michigan State University Department of Advertising
    • Aslanbay Y. & Varnalı K. (2014). “A Future of “Happiness”: Can Markets Be Co-evolved?”, Society (S.S.C.I), Vol 51 (6); 665-669
    • Koçyiğit E., Aslanbay Y., Durmuş B. (2013)."Critical Role of Relationship for Unfamiliar Banking Products, İktisat İşletme ve Finans  (S.S.C.I), Vol: 28/327; 105-122
    • Hesapçı-Sanaktekin, Ö., Aslanbay, Y. & Görgülü, V. (2012). "The Effects of Religiosity on Internet Consumption: A Study on a Muslim Country", Information, Communication & Society (S.S.C.I),: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/1369118X.2012.722663
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    • Aslanbay Y., (2011) "Memorable Customer Experiences: A Research Anthology", Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. 28 Iss: 1, pp.94 - 95.
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    • Aslanbay K. Y.,Tanşu O., Ulusu Y. (2003) "Competition in GSM Market" Global Business and Technology Association International Conference Proceedings, pp:82-88, Budapest, Hungary.
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    • Aslanbay K. Y. (1999). "'Marketing Orientation of Firms in a Developing Country - Top 500 Industrial Firms in Turkey", 9th Bi Annual World Marketing Congress-AMS Malta.
    • Nişel R., Aslanbay K. Y. (1998). "Analysis Of Consumer Characteristics Which Influence The Determinants Of Buying Decision By Logistic Regression Model" 2nd International MBA Symposium on Multi Criteria Decision Making, IIASA-International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis Istanbul, Turkey.                                                                            
    • Bilgin Z., Aslanbay K. Y. (1995). "Environmental Impacts Shaping the Remarketing Strategies of An Industry" Seventh Bi Annual World Marketing Congress Proceedings, AMS, Vol.VII-1, pp:80-91,Melbourne, Australia.
    • Köktürk M., Aslanbay K. Y. (1993). "A General Profile of Turkish Consumers Based on Gender Differences" Gender and Consumer Behaviour Conference Proceedings, ACR, pp: 107-118, Utah, USA.
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Yonca Aslanbay