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Kelly Carver ESCE, Business, Fall 2011 Laureate Exchange
As an exchange student at İstanbul Bilgi University from September 2011 to January 2012, I enjoyed my experience both as a student and as a person. Campus, classes, library, sport facilities and student activities are among the best things that I can tell about BİLGİ. There I met wonderful and resourceful people -academic staff and students- and established great friendships too. I discovered the city of İstanbul and developed myself both personally and professionally. I had a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to any international student.
Mathias BOUROUMEAU-FUSEAU ESCE Exchange program
Beyond the studying experience in Bilgi with great teacher in all the class and amazing facilities I discover new way of life style. In Laureate exchange you can meet new people and make friend in one day because they share or live the same experience as you are. To sum up the most difficult part was probably to say “goodbye” to all the amazing time I spent in Istanbul.