BİLGİ Faculty of Architecture at Re_Flex Patterning Workshop

revised: 03.05.2013

Re_Flex Patterning Workshop will be conducted at İzzet Baysal University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture between 6-8th May, 2013. Workshop is conducted by Tuğrul Yazar and Fulya Akipek, from İstanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Architecture.

Integrating digital media with material world reveals emergent performances. Parametric modeling techniques encourage designers to study more one the envelopes of potentials instead of singular artifacts. Working with these envelopes reveal a design cycle that entails determination of relations and within this relational framework, dynamics keep design process active and variable. In the serie of workshops titled “Infections”, static and regular patterns of built environment are considered as “host bodies”. Their contextual potentials are revealed and digital technologies start the becoming of these bodies within the concept of infection. In second workshop titled “Re_Flex Patterning”, an atrium is considered as the host body. It will be studied beyond its gridal order, generating re-flex patterns as the initial step on the revealing of it’s potentials. Throughout the workshop, Grasshopper will be used as a tool of parametric modeling and digital deformation techniques, while physical form-finding will be studied on a composite material.