World Business Forum 2015 (Live Broadcast)

revised: 13.11.2015



Date: November 12-13-16, 2015
Place: santralistanbul Campus, Event Tent 

View the broadcast of the World Business Forum 2015 which wll present powerful stories of individuals who faced shocks -both personal and professional- and used them to achieve the extraordinary.

Laureate Live welcomes you to be part of the live broadcast of World Business Forum 2015 being held in New York City.

Some of the speakers you can watch online will be: Kevin Spacey, Sir Richard Branson, Walter Isaacson, Jim Collins, Herminia Ibarra, Adam Grant, Oscar Farinetti

For more information:

12 Kasım
16.00 Introduction
16.30 Jim Collins Greatness In Turbulent Times
18.00 Laureate Panel
18.30 George Kohlrieser Overcoming Conflict to Unleash Your Organization’s Full Potential
19.30 Laureate Panel
21.00 On Your Feet
13 Kasım
10.50 Adam Grant Give And Take: A Revolutionary Approach To Success
12.30 Oscar Farinetti Eataly: A Seven Step Recipe for Success
13.10 Steven Kydd Tastemade: Engaging the Mobile Generation
13.30 Stephen Ritz Leading Transformational Change: A Green Miracle in the South Bronx
14.10 Wrap up
16 Kasım
09.00 Laureate Panel
10.30 Sir Richard Branson Lessons From a Rebel Entrepreneur
11.30 Mark Bertolini Aetna: Lessons in Leadership from a Healthcare Pioneer
12.00 Laureate Panel
12.30 Walter Isaacson How Innovation Happens