Prestigious CEA Accreditation to BİLGİ English Language Program

revised: 04.01.2016

As the result of a two year long intensive period of study and preparation, the İstanbul Bilgi University English Preparatory Program has been awarded five-year accreditation from CEA (Commission on English Language Program Accreditation), one of the most valued English language education quality certificates in the world.  Besides being the only accrediting institution that is recognized by both the United States Secretary of Education and the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors (ASPA) in the field of the accreditation of English language teaching institutes and programs, CEA is also one of the most comprehensive accreditors in the field of English language education.  Accreditation by CEA is a confirmation that the standards in place within the İstanbul Bilgi University English Preparatory Program are of the highest international standards.

The İstanbul Bilgi University English Preparatory Program made the initial application for CEA accreditation in 2012 and after careful review of the submitted report to determine eligibility for accreditation, received approval to proceed with the self-study at the beginning of 2013.  During the period that followed, eleven different standards ranging from the aims of the program to the curriculum and assessment methods, from the quality of the faculty to the services offered were reviewed, necessary improvements made, and the process completed.  As a result of this intense study, during the December 2015 CEA commission meeting, the program was judged to have successfully met the 44 standards of quality and that the program was capable of sustaining this excellence, thus awarding the program with five-year accreditation, the longest period of accreditation allowable for a first-time application.  As a result, the İstanbul Bilgi University English Preparatory Program has become the third such program in Turkey to receive this accreditation.

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