revised: 11.01.2012

As BİLGİ Writing Center we are happy to anounce that WRITING, READING, GRAMMAR and SPEAKING workshops will start on December, 13 this year and will be available throughout the academic year. These workshops are prepared and presented by English Preparatory Program instructors for you to improve your language skills. You can access the detailed program through or If you would like to attend you should go to ‘Reservation System’ under your “Student Pages”.

Besides, BWC, located in Kuştepe Campus Room 339, is open Monday- Friday from 09.00 to 17.00. It is the place where you can get guidance through face-to-face tutorials at any stage of your writing process. Our trained peer-tutors and Writing Center coordinator herself help you discover and work on your specific individual need while writing essays, research papers or academic assignments. In order to study at BWC you can either e-mail us for an appointment or drop by whenever you need.

Contact: İlkem Kayıcan Ext. 6356 e-mail:

BİLGİ WRITING CENTER: Kuştepe Campus, 339

Examples of Workshops:
• WRITING: Ways to make writing more interesting and lively: From Simple to Complex Sentences
• SPEAKING: Effective Presentation Strategies
• VOCABULARY: Strategies to improve your vocabulary
• READING: Understanding the “secret” meaning in a text: Inferencing
• GRAMMAR: “I have added two friends on Facebook this week”: Using Facebook to practice present perfect tense

Click for the Workshop Schedule.

For detailed information and registration: