BİLET Stage 1 Exam Results

revised: 07.09.2016

Please click on the link for the Stage 1 Results. See the following explanation for the program or exam you have been placed.

BİLET Stage 2:

You have earned the right to take the BILET Stage 2 Exam. You can see your exam location for the Written component of the BILET 2 exam on September 7th in the attached file. The Spoken component of the exam will be held on September 8th. You can learn the time and location for the Spoken component of the exam on September 7th after 18:00 hours on the İstanbul Bilgi University web page or on your student pages.


Preparatory Program:

You will be placed in a level within the English Preparatory Program.  You may learn about your level, class hours and classrooms on September 24th after 18:00 hours from your student pages.  Classes will begin on September 26th, 2016.

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