Departmental Electives on the THM Curriculum

revised: 06.09.2016

Seven departmental elective slots are added on the Tourism and Hotel Management Undergraduate Program curriculum. Three options on the tracks of Hotel Management, Tourism Management and Food & Beverage Management are to be offered for each slot. It is important that the sophomore year students register for the "200" code courses and the junior students for the "300" code courses (except for courses with the "CUL" code").

Departmental Electives to be open for Fall 2016: 

Sophomore Year:
THM 211 Cultural Tourism
THM 221 Introduction to Gastronomy 
THM 271 Hospitality Technologies

Junior Year:
THM 311 Ski Resort Management
THM 317 Travel Writing & Blogging
THM 333 MICE Industry
THM 341 Food Safety and Sanitation
THM 343 Introduction to Beverages
CUL 411 Essentials of Dining Room