Announcement about incident on 8th March

revised: 08.03.2017

On Wednesday March 8, 2017, a group of 15-20 people, who jumped over the security barriers and intruded on the santralistanbul campus, attacked our students who had opened a stand to celebrate the 8 March International Women's Day.

Our security personnel intervened so readily and unfortunately during the brawl one of our students were slightly injured; some of our students and security personnel were beaten. The matter was immediately transmitted to the security forces and six assailants identified and captured after police forces arrived at campus and they were handed over to the security forces. All camera images, witness statements and other evidence recorded during the attack were also given to the security forces. The university has started the necessary process to make an application to the public prosecutor against all the assailants and also commenced a disciplinary investigation about the students of İstanbul Bilgi University who were take place among assailants.

Our university will be a close follower of all kinds of legal and administrative processes related to the subject.