Psychodrama Group Works Start!

revised: 16.02.2012

Psychodrama is a group work that allows participants to discover their personality, interpersonal relationships, conflicts and emotional problems, using particular drama techniques. Briefly, it is “the rediscovery of reality via dramatization”.

The sessions will be at Dolapdere Campus. Psychodrama group work is open only to İstanbul Bilgi University students and is free of charge. There will be eight 2-hour sessions. The group leaders will be Ayşegül Kumanlı Güneş. The sessions will be held in Turkish. A screening interview is mandatory.

Application Deadline: March 2, 2012

For applications and the screening interview:
Ayşegül Kumanlı Güneş
Office: Dolapdere Campus, B-07
Tel: 311 52 12