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  • The group including BİLGİ Sports Management student Tiber Uzunoğlu became 1st in Sport International

  • BİLGİ Sports Management students at 2017 European Basketball Championship

  • BİLGİ Sports Management Sportsnet collaboration.

  • BİLGİSpor students in Finland

  • BİLGİ Sports Management students visited Beşiktaş Museum.

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About the School of Sports Sciences and Technology

Cem Tınaz

In our day, sports is not only viewed as an area to display physical superiority but becomes a significant factor in the shaping of the 21st century with the economic and political value it creates. Social relations that are increasing and getting complex have made sports one of the most significant branches of entertainment and education sectors. Particularly today, when communication technologies have become so much advanced, sports and its branches do not remain limited to the country they take place but are followed around the world regardless of time and place. Therefore it brings along an important economic power worthy of nearly 400 billion dollars worldwide.

İstanbul Bilgi University School of Sports Sciences and Technology aims not only to raise sportspeople, trainers and coaches within its track that requires physical strength individually or as a team but also raise managers that will take their place in the sector’s administrative level, starting from the idea that sports is a sector in its own right. Considering the fact that in our country, which has become a stop for big organizations such as the Champions League final competition and the University Summer Olympics, the sector needs employees that are qualified enough to carry out similar activities and professionals that will be able to manage sports clubs and federations consistently with the requirements of the age, it is aimed that qualified students that have a command of the sector regulations and the equipment to provide international service integration will be raised. Accordingly, the graduates of BİLGİ School of Sports Sciences and Technology will have the qualification to work in the federations of various branches, in the management and administrative levels of sports clubs, printed and visual sports media. Hence, the graduates will have the chance to play an active role in the transition from traditional forms of management and administrations coming from the past to corporate identity.

Cem Tınaz, Asst. Prof. Dr