Department of Business Administration

Business Administration (BİLGİ-University of Liverpool / Dual Degree)* Program

revised: Sept. 11, 2017, 11:09 a.m.

The structure and the development of the global competitive business environment are increasingly being shaped by organizations of varying size and quality. The multinational companies that grow stronger by the day, the small-medium enterprises that drive innovation and the non-governmental organizations with a growing influence in the global competitive environment constitute the backbone of the business world. In consideration of the above, Business Administration (BİLGİ-University of Liverpool / Dual Degree) Program curriculum provides an exclusive coverage of various disciplines that are imperative to today’s business environment.  The program aims at graduating individuals who are well acquainted with the diverse organizations of today’s competitive business world who have a global perspective.

In accordance with the collaboration between İstanbul Bilgi University and University of Liverpool, Business Administration (BİLGİ-University of Liverpool / Dual Degree) Program students will spend the first three years of their undergraduate program at İstanbul Bilgi University, and will complete their last year of education at the University of Liverpool in the UK.


* No new students will be accepted to this program.