Program Structure

Our departmental name Media and Communication Systems, which is a sign of foresight in itself, is a summary of the way we’ve regarded our field since the first years of İstanbul Bilgi University. In the 2000s, communication has gone from being perceived as a simple instrument of the social sphere to a network of interaction -a neural system, so to speak- of the social, political and economic power spheres in and among themselves. Media and Communication Systems is a program constituted upon this understanding; functioning always with a view to the vital aspect of education and defining itself with the notion of “interfering” to this aspect.

As with all the departments of İstanbul Bilgi University, in the first year of Media and Communication Systems Program students are trained in free, analytical, critical thought and the stand that being a university student requires. Sophomore and junior years are based on the departmental courses and practices that are a requirement of the importance we give to the collaboration of theory and practice. Our students are able to get a taste of production and the experience of “encountering the society” in the second semester of their junior year; and if they wish, in their fourth year they can take an active duty in every field of this “encounter”. The news center of the senior students is founded for this reason, and published the online newspaper HaberVesaire (NewsEtc.). Our students, who are able to make and present live news and transmit radio programs of their own in different formats, have the opportunity to present to the world their work on the internet via RadyoVesaire (RadioEtc.). Our program is the first and only Turkish member of EJTA (European Journalism Training Association), which brings together 60 journalism training & education programs from Europe in an axis of quality, collaboration and student exchange.  Within the Media and Communication Systems Program, a transparent and self-evaluating administration and academic approach  based on student participation is seen as essential.

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