Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Program

revised: March 1, 2017, 2:12 p.m.

With the aim of educating an innovative, creative and enterprising new generation of electric-electronic engineers our department opened its doors to you at the Santral Campus where this profession was first practiced in Turkey. This event coincided with the centennial of the old Silahtarağa Electric-Plant and the 15th anniversary of İstanbul Bilgi University.

Our foremost goal is to train you to be the most sought-after and impeccable engineers at the end of four years. In line with this goal, the Electric-Electronic Engineering B. Sc. program has been designed so as to raise new-generation engineers who have already formed links with the pertinent sectors, who are familiar with the rising sectors of the world, who have mastered the English language and developed the attitude of teamwork.

We invite you to walk together towards the goal of being pioneers and leaders in Electric-Electronic Engineering, which will enable you to contemplate the real world fully-equipped  and distinguish yourself with a broad vision.