Founded by BİLGİ Education and Culture Foundation in accordance with the Law No. 2547 on Higher Education and rendered a public legal entity, İstanbul Bilgi University did not incorporate a faculty of law within its initial structure. The establishment of the Faculty of Law within the body of İstanbul Bilgi University was found to be in conformity with relevant legislation by the Cabinet Decree on 28 March 1997. The first graduates of the faculty of law received their diplomas in 2001.

The founding Dean of the Faculty of Law was Professor Uğur Alacakaptan. Professor Alacakaptan is a distinguished Criminal Law scholar and one of the leading figures of humanist school in Turkish criminal law community. He formerly served as the Dean of the Ankara University Faculty of Law and as a Member of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Professor Alacakaptan had to resign from the office due to health problems in November 1999 but remained a senior faculty member until 2010 when he became the first Emeritus Professor of Bilgi Faculty of Law. From 1999 up to 2002 Professor Belgin Erdoğmuş, a former Professor of Roman Law at İstanbul University Faculty of Law, served as dean. Since then, Professor Turgut Tarhanlı, a Public International Law and International Human Rights Law scholar, took the office as Dean of Bilgi Faculty of Law.

The Faculty of Law building was first located at the Kuştepe Campus until 2002. In the same year it moved to the Dolapdere Campus which is close to heart of the town, the Taksim Square. The new building assigned to the Faculty of Law hosts the Dean’s Office, offices of professors, lecturers and teaching assistants, the Moot Court Room, the Faculty of Law’s Meeting Hall as well as the Common Room. The Law Library is also situated in the same campus.

Our five research centres in different fields of law, namely “Human Rights Law”, “Marine Law and Policy”, “Information Technology Law”, “Intellectual Property Law” and “Competition Law and Policy” are found in the same location. The recently established  Institute of Information and Technology Law, whose foundation was approved by the Council of Higher Education in 2010, is also situated in Dolapdere Campus.

The administrative work of the four LL.M. programs offered by BİLGİ Faculty of Law, namely “Human Rights Law”, “Business Law”, “Business Law” (dual degree LL.M. program in cooperation with the Faculty of Law of  University of Köln, Germany) and “Information Technology Law” is carried out from the office on the second floor located in the same building.