Istanbul Bilgi University Library gives access to domestic and foreign current legal literature in form of books, journals and electronic resources. In the field of law, our library has subscriptions for the following databases: Beck Online (German Law), Swisslex-Westlaw (Swiss Law), Lexis Nexis Juris Classeur (French Law), Lexis Nexis Academic and Westlaw International (UK, US and International Sources). Furthermore, we have subscriptions for the law journals included in the Cambridge Journals Online and Oxford University Press Journals as electronic sources. Turkish sources can be reached by Mevbank, Lebib Yalkın and HukukTürk databases. Our library also has a European Union Information Center endorsed by the EU Commission, containing official publications of the EU.

Fundamental course books are reserved for student use at the Dolapdere library. Electronic sources are kept as "e-reserve" and can be accessed by students under the code of each course.

The law library is located at the Dolapdere Campus.

In order to access the Istanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Library and search the catalog, please click here