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revised: March 13, 2017, 3:53 p.m.

İstanbul Bilgi University Music Undergraduate Program’s students graduate at the end of their four years here as efficient, creative people who are open to interaction, open to cooperation, people who not only understand the environment they live in but who also make it better.

In the first two years the students undergo a very intensive period of entry-level ear training, theory, music history, philosophy of music and composition classes. In the third year the required classes are fewer and students are encouraged to take elective classes from all of the programs in the university and to design their own education.
The Erasmus and Laureate Network exchange programs, bilateral exchange programs, and seminars and workshops with foreign instructors all keep us up to par at an international level.

Graduates from the İstanbul Bilgi University Music Undergraduate Program
• Are aware of and efficient at the most up-to-date sound technologies;
• Are creating and developing in all areas where sound and technology meet;      
• Are not just users of computers, Internet, and new media technology but also think about and develop new fields of interaction and performance;
• Are efficient in every step of the process of music creation, but also able to speak about those steps before the creation and after the performance;
• Conceive and design an entire life as a performance space.
In short, they are individuals who think with music.

Consequently, İstanbul Bilgi University Music Undergraduate Program’s graduates
• Can become composers of contemporary music, electro-acoustic music, film and TV music, jingles;
• Can create and perform the music that they want with more sophisticated resources;
• Can work as sound engineers, music producers and sound designers in the digital environment;
• Can make careers as critics, managers, and publishers within the music sector;
• Can design sound installations, interdisciplinary applications and interactive works of art;
• Can be music educators as well as take on music as an academic career.

* The Undergraduate Program in Music admits students with special aptitude test.

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