Department of International Relations

Political Science (BİLGİ-University of Liverpool / Dual Degree)* Program

revised: June 15, 2016, 4:04 p.m.

Our goal in the Political Science (BİLGİ-University of Liverpool/Dual Degree) Program is to equip our students with the necessary conceptual framework and the analytical tools to understand the various dimensions of politics, such as political systems, institutions and processes, in two different settings. The Program also aims to improve students' academic and social skills in the different settings and enhance their command of English. The Political Science (BİLGİ-University of Liverpool/Dual Degree) Program offers a rich curriculum to its students. Following a comprehensive program during their first three years at BİLGİ, students complete their fourth year at the University of Liverpool. In their first three years at BİLGİ, they take core courses such as Political Science, International Relations, Constitutional Law, Political Thought, Economics and Turkish Politics as well as courses in Comparative Politics, World Politics, European Union and Turkish Foreign Policy.

In their fourth year at Liverpool, the students will not only make use of the wide range of elective courses offered at the University of Liverpool's Department of Political Science, which ranks among the top one hundred political science programs in world rankings, but will also take advanced core courses on International Political Economy, The Welfare State and Selected Topics in Political Theory. Graduates of the Program will obtain an undergraduate diploma both from İstanbul Bilgi University and the University of Liverpool.


* No new students will be accepted to this program.