There is not one but many career opportunities for the graduates of sociology since the importance of human sciences have been well comprehended by many sectors. Our graduates may continue their academic career in the field of sociology as well as in various other disciplines. In addition, our graduates may work in the fields, such asmedia, human resources, advertising, research companies as well as public institutions and non- governmental organizations.

Zeynep Serinkaya-2009 Graduate

After graduating from high school and finishing the exams; we all try to bridle our enthusiasm and our expectations, with the fear of disappointment. I had the same bitter excitement when I was admitted to Istanbul Bilgi University Sociology Department. To my surprise, every semester was more fulfilling than the previous one. In the four years of my undergraduate education in İstanbul Bilgi University, I have never experienced any difficulty. Thanks to the delicately set curriculum -which is guided by the recent debates and happenings in the world- I'm one step closer to my post-graduate studies abroad. This holds true for the foreign students who study in our department as well. As nearly all of our lessons are instructed in English, they have a variety of courses to choose from. Many Erasmus students in Turkish universities are disappointed, as participation in courses remains a formality. However, in BİLGİ Sociology, you're more than welcome to study among us and truly experience the Turkish academic environment. It is such a privilege to study in a department, where you can always stop by your instructor's room, where you can express your thoughts freely and where you are the center of the learning process. In order to make this process -which is all-encompassing and which includes many political debates- worthwhile, you have to start from yourself.  Consider what it would be like to start thinking from scratch. This is also a process of self-creation and in order to render it constructive, you need instructors that will leave you a space but guide you to your own path at the same time. Studying sociology at BİLGİ means feeling supported always, stepping one step beyond knowing that you will have someone to help you when you go back. As long as you are determined to make a change in the world you live in.