revised: 10.04.2014

ÖSYM Scholarships

Each year, the University provides at least 10% of its newly-enrolled students with scholarships. This award, referred to as the “ÖSYM Scholarships” means that the students selected pay either no tuition fee or some-tuition fee for the programs in which they have been placed by the ÖSYM, based upon their score on the ÖSS examination. ÖSYM scholarships continue throughout the maximum legal period of matriculation at the University. But, as of 2012-2013 academic year, ÖSYM scholarships will not cover Summer School fees for newly enrolled students. 

Academic Achievement Scholarships

The successful tuition-paying students in each program whose academic performance meets the criteria set by the Scholarship Committee (having year GPA over 3,75 and CGPA over 3,75) will be eligible for an academic achievement scholarship which amounts to a 50% reduction of the tuition fee for the ensuing academic year.

Sports Scholarships

Students who are on a Turkish National Sports team are granted Sports Scholarships, based on the decision of the Scholarship Committee subsequent to registration at İstanbul Bilgi University. The student must be both successful in his/her academic field and represent İstanbul Bilgi University at sports activities.

IB Scholarships

The newly enrolled BİLGİ students with a diploma of English IB, Abitur, Matura, French IB and Baccalaureate, Maturita will have a 20% reduction of the tuition fee.


* On the fourth year of the University of Liverpool Dual Degree Programs, no other scholarship opportunities except for OSYM scholarship will be provided.


For Scholarships and Support Programs Directive, please click here.


Emine Çağan
Responsible for Scholarships
santralistanbul Campus, ÇSM, Z-107 / /+ 90 212 311 6357