revised: 15.09.2015


Computer Laboratories and Internet Access

The computer laboratories located on the campuses of Kuştepe, Dolapdere, and santralistanbul are constantly being used by the students of İstanbul Bilgi University as they use the intranet between the campuses to search the internet, send e-mails, and stay connected to the world. Some of the laboratories at Kuştepe Campus have been designed to accommodate the English Preparatory Program students for their language education. Most of the laboratories on the Dolapdere Campus have been designated to the students of the Computer Sciences program as they are the most intensive users. At santralistanbul Campus, the laboratories are mostly used for trade applications and design programs. All BİLGİ students receive special instruction regarding word processing, computer programs and applications. The internet capacity on the campuses is sufficient to meet the current needs. The wireless network infrastructure will be modernized and the wireless range will be increased and made more efficient.

Laboratories of Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Laboratories of Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences are classified as: computer laboratories, wet floor laboratories, educational and research laboratories. There are seven computer laboratories; four of these are special purpose laboratories and the rest are instructional laboratories. Special Computer Laboratories consist of The Simulation and Optimization Laboratory (of Industrial Engineering Department), Software Development Laboratory (of Computer Engineering Department), Telecommunication Systems Laboratory (of Computer Engineering and Electrical & Electronics Departments), and, Gaming & Animation Laboratory (of Computer Engineering and Electrical & Electronics Departments) . All of these computer laboratories are equipped with cutting edge hardware and software. Wet floor laboratories are run by Genetics and Bioengineering Department and are established to meet the educational needs of basic science and engineering; these laboratories are: The Chemistry, Microbiology and Biology. In addition, Cell Culture and Protein Engineering Laboratories are used for Research.

Other educational and research laboratories by departments are as follows:
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department: Embedded Systems Laboratory, Microsystems Laboratory, Electronic Circuits Laboratory
Mechanical Engineering Department: Thermo-Fluids Laboratory, Mechanics and Materials Laboratory, 3D-Design and Manufacturing Laboratory, Machine Shop
Energy Systems Engineering Department: Sustainable Energy Laboratory, Wind and Solar Energy Laboratory
Civil Engineering Department: Structures, Materials and Geotechnical Laboratories. Mechatronics Engineering Department: Robotics Laboratory
Industrial Engineering Department: Flexible Manufacturing Laboratory, Ergonomics and Human Factors Laboratory

Music Studios

The studios have been designed to meet the needs of the Music Department and are open for jam sessions and rehearsals to all the music students and BİLGİ members.

Rehearsal and Recording Studios

The audio recording studio has been designed according to worldwide standards and boasts a SSL Aws 900+ control table and the ability to listen in 5.1 surround sound and the mixing studio has been designed to also be a MIDI/Sound Station. The studios play not only an important part in lessons and student projects but also in the realization of university projects. The rehearsal studios were designed to be used during workshops and concerts and have a four channel audio capacity that student groups can use outside of their classes and activities. MIDI laboratory is equipped with a 32 channel digital mixer, 21 Imacs and M-Boxes, MIDI connectors and a four channel audio system that students can utilize to work with all the latest music software.

Photography Studio

The photography studio is located at the Santral Campus and is equipped with rich, state of the art technology hardware that can meet different needs from 35 mm to medium or large format analog and digital shoots. Some of the equipment available for use includes light sources, shooting tables, exposure meters, and other accessories. Two different groups can work simultaneously in the photography studio that was designed for use in the applied photography courses that are a part of the Visual Communication Design and Photography and Video programs.

Television Studio and Editing Rooms

The television studio and editing rooms that have been set up for the students of the Department of Communication on the Santral Campus offers our students many technical possibilities. There is a HD TV studio that is supported by a control room, make-up, lighting and equipment and allows for television shooting of a professional quality and is up to live television standards. There are also 100 HD quality video production units, 24 editing suits with a Mac set up and a 120 seat cinema theater.

News Center

The news center is where the students of the Media and Communication Systems conduct their news writing classes. It is located on the Santral Campus and is open to everyone. There are camera and editing sets, audio recording and projection devices, 2 specially equipped Macs that are used for page design and a technological infrastructure that fully supports all the stages of news production in the news center. The Turkish news prepared by the students is published in the online newspaper called HaberVesaire and the English news prepared by the students is published in the online newspaper called NewsEtc.

Video Graphic Application Laboratory

The Audiovisual laboratory is located on the Santral Campus and is made up of 21 computers that have state of the art hardware and programs that meet the needs of the students of the Department of Communication. The lab is mostly used for video and audio editing, moving graphic applications and post-production needs. Thanks to state of the art video and graphic editing software, students can enrich their projects and assignments with audio and visual quality and application classes can be held in the lab. There are also 7 camera sets with varying degrees of lenses (tele/wide angle) that can be used by students, specifically the students of Television Journalism and Programming.

Dance Studios

The dance studios that are used by the students of Performing Arts, other departments of the university, the art world and the public are located on the Santral Campus. The studios offer professional grade service and can be used for such differing operations like performing arts and theater workshops. The rehearsal studios are mostly used by the Performing Arts Management, Cultural Management and Art Management departments and they house such technological items like TV cameras, cameras, and audio recording devices that can be utilized for recording rehearsals and creating projects.

Radio Studio

The radio studio was opened on the Santral Campus with the establishment of the online radio station RadyoVesaire. Thanks to one computer that is used for broadcasting and another that is used for editing and archiving, the studio can broadcast continuously for 24 hours and has all the technological equipment like an audio mixer (console), a professional radio microphone set and audio recording systems that every radio station should have. Our students can design their radio program projects in any way they desire by using the specially designed radio broadcasting and editing programs. The studio is used for the radio courses at the university and is open to projects by all the university students. For example, Music Department students can broadcast their own musical compositions from the studio and a real live radio station atmosphere can be created thanks to such facilities like live broadcasts, live connections to existing radio stations and telephone interviews.