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Prof.Dr. Hatice Gülen 

“Development of New Cultivars with High Frost Tolerance and Elucidating Candidate Genes Responsible for Protein and Carbohydrate Metabolisms in Frost Stress of Olive”

The present project aims to determine frost tolerant olive species by genotype screening from a wide genetic population in order to spread the cultivation of tolerant olive species in areas with critically low winter temperatures. Studies in hybrid species may lead to development of new cultivars with high frost tolerance as well characterization of new molecular markers for breeding. In addition, apart from previous studies aiming at elucidating molecular mechanism of frost tolerance in olive, the present project will enable detailed determination of genes with altered expressions at the transcriptome level.

The project is supported by TUBITAK (TOVAG 1003 project).

Institutions: Istanbul Bilgi University – Istanbul (project coordinator), Olive Research Institute – İzmir, Eskisehir Osmangazi University – Eskisehir, Uludag University – Bursa, TUBITAK-MAM-GMBE, Gebze/Kocaeli.

Asst. Prof.Dr.Seyhan Salman

TUBITAK 1003 (Project no: 115E054), Project Title: Development of graphene anode based AMOLED devices with thermally activated delayed fluorescence materials as the active layer, accepted 17.04.2015 (Researcher)

TUBITAK 1001 Project no. 113Z210, Project title: Computation-guided design of donor oligomers for high performance solution processed organic photovoltaic devices, 15.09.2013 – 15.09.2015. (Researcher) 

Asst. Prof.Dr.Yuk Yin Ng

TUBITAK 1001, Project Title: X’e Bağlı Agammaglobulinemi (XlA) Fare Modelinde B- Hücre Hasarının Düzeltilmesi. To be finished in April 2016 (Principal Investigator)

Istanbul University Research Foundation, Project Title: Yaygın Değişken İmmün Yetersizlik (CVID) Hastalarında CD19, ICOS, TACI, BAFF-R Gen Mutasyonlarının Araştırılması  (Co-advisor for the MSc Thesis)

Istanbul University Research Foundation , Project Title: Primer İmmün Yetersizliklerde Genetik Alt Yapının Yeni Nesil Dizileme Yöntemi ile Belirlenmesi, 2015-2017, (Co-advisor for the PhD thesis)

Istanbul University Research Foundation , Project Title: Ağır Kombine İmmün Yetersizliklerin Yeni Nesil Teknolojiler İle Tüm Genom Analizleri Çok Disiplinli Öncelikli Alan Araştırma Projesi, 2016- , (collaborator)

Istanbul University Research Foundation , Project Title: Primer Antikor Yetersizliklerindeki Genetik Varyasyonların Yeni Nesil Dizileme Yöntemi ile Araştırılması, 2016- , (collaborator)