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Dear students,

The fourth term of the 2019-20 academic year in the preparatory program will begin on 6 April 2020 through distance learning. The distance learning will be done using the Blackboard system that is presently being used by the undergraduate programs at our university. 


You can access the Blackboard system by using your student email account and password (Bilgi Learn). As indicated in the explanation below, you can access all relevant documents and announcements concerning this system and the support provided to you from the preparatory program website. We strongly recommend that you log on and access the system before your classes begin on 6 April 2020 using the information shared with you to discover and become familiar with and how to navigate the content of your course.

Level Content, Weekly Study Plan and Lessons

The weekly level content process will begin once you first watch and complete the pre-activities of the asynchronous videos before you start your lessons. Then, you will join your synchronous class (virtual class) and have the opportunity to complete further work with your classmates and teacher on the topic you studied beforehand. Links to the videos you are expected to watch and the study and homework programs will be uploaded to the Blackboard system by your class instructor. The student level booklets will also be available to you through the Blackboard system.


Please click here to access information about the assessment criteria. Changes could be made concerning the assessment tools, their percentages and how they are administered based on the conditions present at the time and feedback that has been received.


You can purchase your books and online study materials (Empower Online Studies & English Central) from the Çağlayan bookstore webpage (http://www.caglayan.com/BILGIELT.aspx). You can place your book orders for either the printed or e-book version. In order to follow your lessons regularly and efficiently and make your language learning as efficient as possible, please purchase your books as quickly as possible.

You can access all informational documents and support service information you may need during this time by visiting the Preparatory Program website 2019-2020 Term 4 (2019-2020 Term 4 ).  Please log on to this link and regularly follow the announcements made on both your student page and the website. If you encounter any technical problems during your distance learning period, please send an email to lms.support@bilgi.edu.tr.