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Dear Students,

Welcome to the BİLGİ English Preparatory Program! We would like to wish you all a successful and enjoyable university life. As the pandemic continues to influence this educational period, various plans and implementations have been put into effect to help in easing your English learning process.  

As the English Preparatory Program, we will begin the 1st term of the 2021-2022 academic year on 11 October 2021 with a hybrid educational program. The weekly course schedule for all levels will be 20 hours a week in the English Preparatory Program. In accordance with the framework decision taken by the Council of Higher Education, 60% of the lessons will be held face to face and 40% will be online. Thus, for a 20-hour program schedule, 12 hours will be conducted face to face on the Kuştepe campus and 8 hours will be held online. Online education will be conducted through the BİLGİ Learn Moodle system.   

The Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday lessons for levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the weekly course schedule will be held face to face in classrooms on the Kuştepe campus. Thursday and Friday lessons will be conducted online through BİLGİ Learn Moodle.

The Monday and Tuesday lessons for level 5 will be conducted online and the Thursday and Friday lessons will be held face to face in classrooms on the Kuştepe campus.

Even though we know that you are experienced and prepared to deal with a hybrid educational model, we would like to stress the importance of certain issues and offer some suggestions to make your English learning process more efficient. 

Weekly Student Timetables 

Links to that week’s learning aims and outcomes, lesson content, practice opportunities, level homework and exams are shared through the weekly student timetables. Please go over the weekly student timetables uploaded to the Bilgi Learn system very carefully and complete the suggested activities.

Individual Awareness and Calendar

We would once again like to remind you of the importance of individual study and assuming responsibility during your foreign language learning process. Please create a study program based on your student timetable and the suggested lesson program. In accordance with this plan, please go over the lesson content as highlighted in the weekly plan before you come to class. Once the lesson is over, please complete the suggested activities to strengthen and make your learning permanent. 

BİLGİ Learn Moodle and Online Lessons

You can access the Moodle system using your student e-mail account and password (Bilgi Learn). Your instructors will provide information about the Moodle system and online learning in your classrooms. Additionally, you can access the Preparatory Program website (https://www.bilgi.edu.tr/en/academic/english-language-programs/2021-2022-academic-year-announcement/) to reach supporting documents and instructions. Before your online lessons begin, we strongly recommend that you login to the system by following the instructions that will be provided to you next week and familiarize yourself with the content and how to use the system.

It is very important that you have the necessary equipment (computer, internet connection, web camera, microphone, course books, etc.) to have an efficient online language learning experience.

Attendance and Participation in Face to Face and Online Lessons

It is of vital importance that you attend and actively participate in both your face to face and virtual classes during your language education as this will allow you to practice your learning and for your instructors to track your learning during this time. Please take advantage of every opportunity to practice what you have learned with your instructors and your class mates during your lessons and participate actively. In your online lessons, use the available virtual classroom functions (the white board, content sharing, raising your hand, etc.), turn on your camera and participate in your lessons verbally rather than through writing.


You can access the books you will need by level from this link https://www.bilgi.edu.tr/en/academic/english-language-programs/books/. You can purchase your books from the Çağlayan bookstore on the Kuştepe campus. We strongly recommend that you purchase your level books as soon as possible so you can follow your lessons regularly and effectively and complete the activities efficiently during your language learning process. The passwords for your online studies will be given to you when you purchase your books. The online studies are part of your assessment criteria. Your class instructors have been provided with information about how to access these programs and the content of your online studies. Regularly completing these studies is very important in achieving progress in your language learning studies.

Assessment Criteria

Click this link to access the assessment criteria (Prep Assessment). Changes to the assessment methods, percentages and their implementation may be made in accordance with the pandemic conditions.

Homework and Exams

The assigned homework and exams are not just tools used to assess your language learning capabilities, they are important parts of the program. These tools are used so you study regularly, complete additional activities and provide the opportunity for both you and your instructors to keep track of your progress. It is very important that you complete the homework and exams on your own. Otherwise, there could be serious problems related to tracking your learning progress and your learning in the future. Attending classes and practicing regularly will provide you with all the support you need to achieve success. 

Instructor Tutorials and Office Hours 

In addition to the lessons and studies, each instructor has one tutorial hour set aside for students to study with their teachers. The times for these tutorials are shared with the students at the beginning of the term by their class instructors. If you have any questions about the program, you can send your instructor an e-mail or contact them during their office hours.


Information about transportation to the Kuştepe campus can be accessed from this link. https://www.bilgi.edu.tr/en/life-at-bilgi/campuses/  


Communication and following developments are very important components of being successful. Stay in constant contact with your instructors and class mates. Please regularly follow the announcements on your student pages (BİLGİ SIS) and the content and announcements on the BİLGİ Learn Moodle system. You can also access informative documents and information about support services during your studies in the Preparatory Program from its website. (https://www.bilgi.edu.tr/en/academic/english-language-programs/2021-2022-academic-year-announcement/).

For other issues, please contact the relevant unit listed below.

Bilgi Learn/Moodle technical issues                    lms.support@bilgi.edu.tr

Health reports, make-up exam requests, etc.       Burcu Karataş (burcu.karatas@bilgi.edu.tr)

Online studies (EnglishCentral, etc.)                         Sedat Çilingir (sedat.cilingir@bilgi.edu.tr)

We would like to stress once again the importance of individual motivation and awareness, attending classes and studying regularly and maintaining communication throughout your learning experience. Your lessons will begin with an informative orientation session about the Preparatory Program given by your instructors in class. We would like you to know that we are here for any type of support or information you may need during this time. If you have any need for support or require further clarification on any issue or you wish to provide feedback, please get in contact with the relevant unit immediately.

We would like to wish all our students a healthy and successful academic year!

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