Program Structure

•Business Informatics Program is designed with an interdisciplinary approach and by taking into consideration today's environment of global and technological competition. It has a comprehensive and complete curriculum which consists of lectures from business management and computer science fields.

•Students find the opportunity to recognize the information and communication sector with two-summer internship and a final two-semester graduation project and to apply their knowledge and skills to their work environment before graduation.

•The program is in close cooperation with non-governmental organizations, professional organizations and companies in the information technology field as well as similar programs in domestic and foreign universities. In this way, students take the opportunity to design their professional lives and develop themselves during their education.

•Graduates of Business Informatics function as a bridge between the fields of sectorial and technical expertise areas and can take a wide variety of tasks thanks to their interdisciplinary perspectives. 

 İstanbul Bilgi University Department of Business Administration is a  member of the "United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME)".