Media and Communication (BİLGİ-University of Liverpool Dual Degree)*

about program

In accordance with the collaboration between İstanbul Bilgi University and University of Liverpool, Media and Communication Dual Degree Program students will spend the first three years of their undergraduate program at İstanbul Bilgi University, and will complete their last year of education at the University of Liverpool in the UK. Students participating in the program gain the opportunity to look at the world of media and communication through the perspectives of both countries. They observe different educational systems and experience a multicultural environment. The British media is especially worthy of analysis in regards to public service broadcasting, tabloid journalism and broadsheet tradition. BİLGİ-Liverpool dual degree students will find an opportunity to observe these different media systems and compare them to the political, cultural, social dynamics in Turkey during the year they will spend in the United Kingdom.

* No new students will be accepted to this program.