Thanks to the practical courses we offer, on successful completion of the program, our students have the opportunity to avoid the anxiety of entering an alien world as they start their career. All kinds of news production environment – printed, audio-visual, electronic and interactive (and their emergent combinations) are natural fields of professional work for our graduates. In addition, media planning, press advisorship, text writing, public relations and marketing communication expertise, customer representation, social research, editorship, and administrative posts for all these professional fields can be thought of as potential career opportunities.  

"Thanks to the vision I acquired at Media and Communication Systems Program, I was able to work my way up in the business world in a short time. With the theoretical courses offered to us wielding the latest technologies and practical courses instructed by sectoral leaders, I've had the opportunity to bring out my strengths and to utilize the options that were offered to me so that I could develop my potential strengths. For me, the greatest advantage was that I knew the engagements of all departments in the communications field, especially in the media sector and that I was able to choose consciously not only the sector but also the department I wanted to work in the year I graduated. This is one of the important feats that set me apart from other communications graduates. In this way, BİLGİ allowed me to progress with knowing what I wanted for my career and to advance in my job at a short period of time."

Sinem Erensoy 
Media and Communications Systems Graduate
Doğuş Group Magazines, Sales Director