4 plus 1 BİLGİ

An innovative opportunity in higher education, 4+1 BİLGİ provides an opportunity for our undergraduate students to start their graduate education during their senior years. Students admitted to our designated graduate programs through 4+1 BİLGİ will receive 40 % tuition waivers.

How Does It Work?

Our senior students are invited to take two graduate courses. Two courses can be split to Fall and Spring semesters or both of them can be taken in one semester. These courses should be taken as extra to their normal credit load. Registration to these courses can be done with a petition (provided below) that bears the signature of the student and the coordinator of the graduate program which the student wishes to attend. A completed petition should be then submitted to the Faculty Board by the student.

Student Responsibilities

Courses: Students taking graduate courses in their senior year are required to pass these courses. It should be noted that grading of graduate courses are different than undergraduate courses and minimum passing (on probation) grade is C+. Additionally C+ (2.30) is insufficient for 2.80 GPA required for successful completion of coursework for a Master’s Degree. Thus, it is strongly advised that students following 4+1 BİLGİ track aim for B- or above.

Fulfilling Admission Criteria: Students are required to fulfill the admission criteria required by the program they wish to attend within 4+1 BİLGİ framework. The admission criteria, specified by the graduate programs and announced by the Academic Council are legally binding. Students who do not meet the admission criteria cannot advance to the graduate program notwithstanding the successful completion of the coursework.

Graduate Program Application: Successful completion of coursework and fulfilling admission criteria do not guarantee an automatic admission into the graduate program. Students are obligated to follow the application dates and deadlines, submit an application to the program and take all required exams and interviews.

4+1 BİLGİ Master Programs

  • European Studies
  • Banking and Finance
  • Banking and Finance Online
  • Information and Technology Law
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Philosophy and Social Thought
  • Financial Economics
  • Public Relations and Corporate Communication
  • Law (Business Law)
  • Law (Human Rights Law)
  • Cultural Management
  • Cultural Studies
  • MBA
  • Media and Communication Systems
  • Architectural Design
  • History, Theory and Criticism in Architecture
  • Human Resources Management
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Turkish
  • Film and Television
  • Social Projects and NGO Management
  • History
  • Trauma and Disaster Mental Health
  • International Political Economy
  • International Finance
  • International Relations
  • Management Information Systems (Online)

Proposed Courses

For Detailed Information:

Ebru Serdar Karaduman  +90 212 311 7367  ebru.karaduman@bilgi.edu.tr