Advisory Board


Sema Bayraktar Tür, Faculty Member, PhD (İstanbul Bilgi University, Head of Department of Banking and Finance)     

Dr. Narod Erkol (İstanbul Bilgi University Department of Banking and Finance, Lecturer)    

Muhammet Doğan (İstanbul Bilgi University Department of Banking and Finance, Teaching Assistant)     

Deniz İkizlerli,  Faculty Member, PhD (İstanbul Bilgi University Department of Business)    

Dr. Mithat Bülent Özmen (İGDAŞ GM)    

Bülent Şenver  (Founder, Ethical Values Center for Turkey/ Foundation for Book to Everyone / Türklider Merkezi/Turkleader Center)      

Anar Almen (İstanbul Bilgi University Department of Banking and Finance Graduate)    


"Doyen Banker" Bülent Şenver was put into banking life after working for one year in an international audit company. For the Turkish banking system, he acted as project director for applications such as the monetary account plan, the management reporting system, the remote surveillance system and the warning system in advance.
After receiving the duty of external supervision of twenty-five Turkish banks, Şenver worked as Assistant General Manager, then General Manager and then Chairman of the Board of Directors in various banks.
Bülent Şenver is one of the important names of the finance community who has signed many first practices in the Turkish banking system.
Turkey’s first “Credit Card with picture” application, "ALO24 Telephone Banking", "Asset Based Securities" export, for big four football club "Fan Cards",  the first "Migros Card", which started the process of getting watermelon with card, “Daily loan”, Purchase of “National Lottery Ticket” from the phone, “Euromoney Deposit” and “Worldmoney Deposit” are all practices created by Şenver. Şenver also chosen two times as “Banker of Year”.
Şenver gives services to company partners and senior managers  "Coaching and Consultancy" in the areas of "Corporate Management", "Strategic Planning", "Risk Management", "Finance Management" and "Ethical Leadership" . He also gives lectures on "Banking" in various universities.
Bülent Şenver is the founder of "Ethical Values Center for Turkey","Foundation for Book to Everyone", "Türklider Merkezi/Turkleader Center". He is also the author of books titled "How to Analyze the Bank's Balance sheets", " Kulağınıza Küpe Olsun (be a lesson to/be taught a lesson)", "Letter to Youth" and "You Made it".

Dr. Mithat Bülent Ozmen has studied political science and public administration at the Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences from 1988 to 1992. After graduation Özmen started to work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Later in 1994, he started to work in İş Bank's Inspection Board. 
Ozmen has taken active roles in critical processes such as mergers, acquisitions and liquidations of various banks and financial institutions. He took part in the working group representing three banks, namely Etibank, Interbank and Esbank, in their merger and liquidation works under the supervision and supervision of the SDIF between 1999-2001 and also in liquidation practices of TYT Bank by Treasury Undersecretariat in 1994.
Ozmen, in 2003, on behalf of the Dışbank, participated in privatization project of Vakıfbank and purchasing project of Pamukbank, which is included in the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund. In the same year, he also took place in the establishment of the individual lending department within the scope of BankEuropa's efforts to establish and operate.
Within the EU Jean Monnet Scholarship Program, in 2004, Özmen obtained his master's degree in International Relations at the University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies. In 2005, he has been part of Lisbon-based legal compliance center group of the Millennium BCP. In this context, Özmen has established and managed the legal compliance department of BankEuropa. In 2007 under DD Mortgage's foundation studies,a Deutsche Bank subsidiary, he joined built-in workflow studies of Deutsche Bank's mortgage centers in England and  in Spain.
Ozmen, acting as a deputy general manager and executive board member responsible for credit and operations at DD Mortgage, presented his doctoral dissertation in Turkey, which proposed a new financial model for the settlement of housing problems in the narrow and middle income households. This work was published as a book by the Banks Association of Turkey with the same name.
Dr. Ozmen works as a manager of SDIF as well as Boydak Holding CFO. In addition, he is guest lecturer at Okan and Bahçeşehir Universities.

Dr. Deniz Ikizlerli, after finishing Kırklareli Anatolian High School in 1993, he entered Istanbul University Business Faculty. After graduating from the department in 1999 he was interested in family business for a while. Later, he went to England to continue his education. He received his master's degree in Finance from Durham University in the UK in 2005-2007. He received his PhD degree in Finance from Durham University in 2007-2010. Between 2011-2015 he worked as a part-time worker at İstanbul Bilgi University. He has been working as a full-time faculty member since September 2015. Investor behavior and behavioral finance issues as an area of interest stands out. International papers and presentations are also available in these areas.

Sema Bayraktar, after graduating from Boğaziçi University Business Administration Department in 1991, she worked as a Management Traniee at Esbank for two years and gained experience working in different parts of the banks. In 1993, she received a scholarship from the Council of Higher Education to study in the United States. She received his Master's Degree in Finance in 1995 and his PhD in International Finance in 2000 from Drexel University. She also served as a part-time instructor at Drexel University. Later, she has worked at several public and private Universities. She has been working full time at İstanbul Bilgi University since 2006. She has articles written on SME, Risk Management, Exchange Rate, International Market Relationship.

Muhammet, after graduating from Trakya University in the field of Banking in 2016, he started his master's degree in Accounting Finance Department at Dokuz Eylül University. He currently works as a full time research asistant in İstanbul Bilgi University.