BAF Ethical Oath

In 2004, then-Thunderbird President Angel Cabrera, Ph.D., challenged students to create a business oath, much like the medical profession’s Hippocratic Oath. The student-run Thunderbird Honor Council prepared an oath that reflects the school's core values and ethics. Since 2006, this oath has been part of the school's educational program, from the school's application process to graduation ceremonies. 

Believing that ethical values are an integral part of banking and finance education, as İstanbul Bilgi University Banking and Finance Department, we also adapted the Thunderbird School of Management Honor Oath as our school's Ethical Oath.

In Turkey, there is not yet any business or/and banking university that has adopted such an oath. As the first and only university to adopt an ethical oath among the universities that prepare staff for the banking sector, we are proud to contribute to the firsts of İstanbul Bilgi University.

BİLGİ Department of Banking and Finance Ethical Oath:

As a global citizen, I promise:
I will strive to act with honesty and integrity,
I will respect the rights and dignity of all people,
I will strive to create sustainable prosperity worldwide,
I will oppose all forms of corruption and exploitation, and
I will take responsibility for my actions.
As I hold true to these principles, it is my hope that I may enjoy an honorable reputation and peace of conscience.
This pledge I make freely and upon my honor.