Program Structure

30% of the courses are offered in English. Following a preparatory year, the program offers a four-year undergraduate education. It offers both management-related courses (economics, management, accounting, marketing) and aviation-related courses (introduction to aviation, air transport, airports and their facilities, airline marketing). This structure allows students to be equipped with the concepts of management and aviation at the same time. Courses are generally offered by expert lecturers with a background in the aviation industry. The four-year curriculum has been carefully designed in view of the entire educational needs of students. Various electives allow students to improve themselves in other areas they might be interested in. Seminars give students the opportunity to meet with successful managers in the aviation industry.

The program offers a comprehensive education that combines management and aviation, as required by managerial positions in the industry. Finally, internships help students apply their skills in real business settings.

Since the Aviation Management Program both focuses on management skills and contains operational training sessions, graduates can find managerial and executive jobs in a wide range of industries other than the aviation industry.

Graduation requires the completion of 240 credits within four years, and the submission of a thesis at the end of the fourth year.

Mission of the Program:
In view of the rapid growth of civil aviation in Turkey, and based on the idea that the student is the most important element of an education program, to train qualified employees who can speak a foreign language and are equipped with the knowledge and skills required by the aviation industry, in accordance with international civil aviation standards.

Vision of the Program:
To become a department that trains modern and dynamic pioneers for the aviation industry in accordance with universal values and the highest national and international education standards.