İstanbul Bilgi University School of Sport Sciences and Technology aims to educate the sports professionals needed in different areas of the sports industry. The rapidly developing sports industry fulfills its need for people who can provide and acquire qualified, consumption-oriented information on both national and international levels in many different fields such as technology and digital media through universities. As part of İstanbul Bilgi University that aims to raise all-rounder and broad-minded individuals, our School cultivates professionals who will efficiently fulfill this need 

Sports Management Department, as a part of our School, endeavors to train the most competent workforce in the field of sports management in our country. Our department, while shaping its curriculum by adopting a universal perspective within the framework of equality of opportunity, principles of sustainable development, innovative approach, and creativity, also follows the changing needs of the sports industry closely. 

On the basis of BİLGİ’s motto ‘non scholæ sed vitæ discimus – learning not for school but for life’, our department’s academic staff includes the competent names of both the academy and the sports industry. In addition to basic sports management courses such as sports marketing and communication, sports economics and finance, our curriculum offers unique lessons on topics such as digitalization in sports and sportsman career management. 

As the only Sports Management Department in Turkey that provides education in English, BİLGİ Sports Management program carries out collaborations, project partnerships, and student exchange programs with many universities internationally, intending to provide global opportunities to its students in the developing and growing sports industry. 

We offer our students a global vision starting from the Prep class, and they are provided with all kinds of opportunities to improve themselves throughout their undergraduate education by having up-to-date information about opportunities abroad. Hosting many national and international events, our department offers its students the opportunity to increase their knowledge, voluntary experience and to come together with the significant figures from the academy and industry. 

Another unique feature of the Sports Management Department is the importance it places on internship and the meticulousness it exhibits in the structure of the internship course. Thanks to the internship courses they take, our students get the opportunity to learn by experiencing ‘sports management’ in sports clubs, sports federations, commercial firms using sports as a communication medium and administrative institutions managing sports in the public sphere. 

Our school attaches great importance in increasing our students' professional knowledge, as well as educating them as individuals who have ideals, who always strive to achieve better, and contribute to human development. In addition to mastering the science of management and different sports disciplines, sports manager candidates graduating from our department like conducting research, are active, enterprising, self-confident, have critical thinking and problem-solving skills, can use sports as a communication tool and have entrepreneurial skills. Beyond all these, we take great pride in seeing that our students enter the sector as individuals who care about ethical values for a sustainable future. 

Our graduates have the opportunity to find a job in the fields of facility management, sponsorship, event management, sports directorship, sports career management, or sports economy. Our students are carefully guided during their education in the department to manage their careers in line with their interests and skills.