Program Structure

It is aimed that the students who will receive education in the Degree Program in Sports Management will obtain the knowledge and skills related to basic business and management as well as that they are able to acquire the vision which will help them relate this background to sports. Having within its structure Turkey’s leading academics in the fields of Communication, Business, Finance, Law, Psychology that are closely related to sports, BİLGİ offers a new curriculum in light of the courses that are given by these estimable names in their departments in the field of sports.

In parallel with the developments around the world, the need for qualified labor force in the whole sports industry that is rapidly growing in Turkey as well -particularly the areas of sports communication and property management-increase every day.

İstanbul Bilgi University Degree Program in Sports Management aims to raise active and enterprising individuals with high self esteem and problem solving ability and equipped with the skills that will allow them to cope with the needs of modern sports. The program opens doors to the big institutions for its students even during their education and wants them to acquire theoretical and practical skills together. The program provides the students with theoretical knowledge in areas such as communication, business, finance, law, economics and psychology thanks to its rich curriculum while it leads them to have a command in subjects as sports marketing and communication, activity and property management especially beginning with the second year. In the last year, the program requires that the students do internship for two semesters in sports federations, business firms that use sports as communication medium, administrative institutions that manage sports in public space and plans that they learn “Sports Management” by experience.

The program aims to raise its students as individuals who •Have a command of management science, •Knows about marketing, •Are investigative and have up-to-date knowledge, •Have developed statistical competence, •Are followers and participators in the different sports branches, •Have high entrepreneurial skills, •Knows about finance management, •Are experts in property management and sports sponsorship.

Students of the program will study at santralistanbul and KOZA World of Sports and they will be able to take part in many elite sports organizations such as TEB BNP Paribas İstanbul Open (ATP), TEB BNP İstanbul Cup (WTA) and World Beach Volleyball Championship. The graduates will also have the opportunity to work in Sportsnet Group firms.