Knowing the necessities of the rapidly developing tourism sector in the world, creating solutions with an innovative approach as we use the enlightening power of scientific methods is among the missions of our school. As our culture, famous about hospitality, is known and acknowledged better, the income that is built in the meantime is valuable and important for national economy. If Turkey has been carried to the seventh place in the world through the efforts of tourism employees despite of limited educational resources, a permanent world leadership is not an impossible context if sufficient education was provided. All natural, historical, cultural and demographical components are present in this country in order to gratify a guest, whether domestic or international. Discerning how and to what extent all these will respond to demands, will only be known through education. We exist to respond to these demands at the right time, right place and in the right way; we believe we can make the necessary changes as suited to evolving necessities and circumstances. 

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