It’s crucial that today’s food service professionals should have not just culinary knowledge, but also business, management and critical thinking ability. Well-paying occupations in the expanding range of food and food service companies continue to expand not only in Turkey but also all around the world, along with the need for educated, experienced pioneers.

The multidisciplinary approach to culinary education at İstanbul Bilgi University Gastronomy and Culinary Arts bachelor’s degree program expands on the strong technical foundation and artistry you’ll receive through at BİLGİ culinary associate degree program.

The students will further their culinary attainment while developing industry-related cooking, managerial, guest relation and leadership skills to expand their career prospects. The program also emphasizes managerial accounting, restaurant management, financial accounting, food and beverage marketing, nutrition, food styling and photography, legal environment and sustainability, human resources, oenology and design and layout to prepare graduates for a career in any facet of the food industry.