Faculty Member, PhD

Ali Alper Akyüz

+90 212 311 5404

Santralistanbul / E4-109

A.Alper Akyüz has completed his Ph.d. on Organization Studies in İstanbul Bilgi University in 2010 and started as an Assistant Professor in Arts and Culture Management Department in 2011. Despite his academic background in Aeronautical Engineering, he’s been heavily involved in volunteering, activism and professional civil society work during and after his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in a variety of youth, human rights and environmental NGOs like TEMA Foundation, History Foundation, Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly, Buğday Association of Support To Ecological Living, Green Thought Association and AEGEE as well as Greens movement of Turkey. He also acted as advocacy, campaign and project coordinator, trainer, facilitator and moderator for several civil society activities and he was included in Training Pool of Council of Europe Directorate of Youth and Sports. He led the EU-wide advocacy campaign to include Turkey in EU Education and Youth Programs as well as holding information and preparation activities in Turkey. He took the role of one of the founding staff of Center for Civil Society Studies of Istanbul Bilgi University in 2003 and continued to be actively involved until 2018 as a trainer, training program coordinator, author and researcher. He aslo acted as Director of MA Program on Social Projects and Management of Non-Governmental Organizations between February 2014 and January 2018 and as research coordinator for Work Package 3 “Meso (organizational) dimension of youth participation in Turkey” of EU 7th Framework Program on Research and Development funded project (POWER2YOUTH). Currently he takes place in the boards of Centre for Environment, Energy and Sustainability and Centre for Business Ethics.


Ph.d. on Organization Studies (İstanbul Bilgi University, 2010)

M.Sc. on Aeronautical Engineering (İstanbul Technical University, 1997)

B.Sc. on Aeronautical Engineering (İstanbul Technical University,1994)



CAM 504 (Culture and Organization),

TECH 521 (Sustainability and Ethics),

CAM 555 (Reseach for Arts and Culture)

NGO 504 (Organization Theory and Organizational Management)

NGO 507 (Local and International Funding for Non-governmental Organizations)


GE104 (Contemporary Issues in Environment and Ecology)

GE401 (Ethics and Life Course)

EU426 (EU Funds and Projects)

MED306 (Seminar in Media and Communication Studies)

ENGR 400 (Ethics in Engineering and Science)

GE101 (Introduction to Applied Ethics (online course))

GE107 (Ecological Literacy and Sustainability (online course))

GE280 (Ecological Social Entrepreneurship (on-site summer school course in Küçükkuyu, Çanakkale, in cooperation with Buğday Association for Ecological Living)).

GE201 (Social Responsibility Projects I) and GE202 (Social Responsibility Projects II)

CAM412 (Non-Profit Organisations and Capacity Building).

Areas of Interest

Arts and culture organizations, organization theory, labour processes, human rights, social movements, ecology, youth, participation, project management and European Union funds.

Other Information


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