Aydın Uğur

+90 212 311 7737

Santralistanbul / E2 304 B

Prof. Aydın Uğur, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, completed his undergraduate studies at the Department of Economics and Statistics in Middle East Technical University, Ankara (1976). And he received his Ph. D. in Political Sciences at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Ankara University. He began lecturing at the Faculty of Communication at Ankara University as an Assistant Professor. He worked six years at this university as Associate Professor. Between 1989-1997 he was a member of the French Speaking Department of Political Sciences at Marmara University.

He joined Istanbul Bilgi University in 1997. At this university, he served in different positions such as the (founding) Dean of the Faculty of Communication (1997-2005), President/Rector of the University. (2005-2009)

After heading MA Program in Cultural Studies he was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (2012).

Since the early 1980’s his primary research and teaching interest has been in the intersection between cultural theory, political sociology and media studies. He is currently working on alternative modernities at the age of globalization and on issues of identification. He has also been carrying out research on the problems and future of higher education with  special focus on humanities and social sciences.