Egemen Bayraktar

+90 212 311 7680

Santralistanbul / E1-217

Egemen Bayraktar is a Ph.D. student in Communication Design & Management at Anadolu University, with research interests in Digital Media, Digital Game Studies, Visual Culture, Gender & LGBTQ+ Studies. He has experience as a Research Assistant in various academic institutions and has worked as a Graphic Designer in the industry and provided marketing and communication consultancy services as a freelancer. His skills include but are not limited to, graphic design, illustration, and copywriting, which align with his professional interest in Brand Identity Design & Management.


2022 -                                                 Anadolu University, Eskisehir

                                                             Communication Design & Management, Ph.D.

2018 – 2021                                      Istanbul University, Istanbul

                                                             New Media & Communication Management, MA 

2010 - 2016                                       Kocaeli University, Kocaeli

                                                             Visual Communication Design, BA

Areas of Interest

Research Interests:

  • New Media Studies
  • Gender & LGBTQ+ Studies
  • Digital Game Studies
  • Art & Design
  • Visual Culture
  • Digital Culture

Professional Interests:

  • Digital Art
  • Corporate Communication
  • Brand & Identity Design