Faculty Member, PhD

Selin Gürdere Akdur

She completed her undergraduate education at Hacettepe University in the Department of Wood Products Industrial Engineering. While working several years in the production and design departments mainly in the furniture, lighting, and interior architecture sectors in Istanbul, she received her MA in Design from Kadir Has University with a design research scholarship. During her completion of her Ph.D. in the Department of Industrial Design at Middle East Technical University, she gave lectures at various institutions as a part-time and invited instructor and took part in research projects of different scales.  She is mainly interested in the intersection of issues related to design, technology and society, and in the ideas of socially oriented design that seek design-oriented solutions to social problems with participatory, collaborative, interdisciplinary creative practices. She also established ‘’the Social Design Platform’’ to contribute to the visibility of these practices and the field of socially oriented design. In parallel with these interests, as a researcher and a consultant, she participates in many design-based projects and scientific researches both in academia and the industry. She works as a full-time faculty member at Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Industrial Design.