In accordance with the measures taken at the University concerning the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic;

  • Academic and administrative staff will work alternatively on campus amongst themselves during the month of April 2021 on all campuses.
  • Those academic and administrative personnel that would like to remain with their children during the distance learning period of schools can do so by utilizing their annual leave.
  • In accordance with the guide published by the Ministry of Health, the University’s “COVID-19 Pandemic Measures” guide is continuously updated. Click here to access the guide.
  • If you exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms, come into contact/direct contact or return a positive test, contact the University doctor Hulusi Orhangazili (email: /Tel: 02123117670), your unit manager and Kübra Yavuz from the Human Resources unit (email: /Tel: 02123116150) and provide information about your situation.