If you are interested in Training Mobility at Istanbul BILGI University then the following information should help you in applying for an exchange with us. Prospective administrative visitors are recommended to contact Erasmus Office ( and inform them about your travel plans at least 2 months prior to the visit. Erasmus Office refer you to related departments/centers.        

  • Please plan your visit with related departments that best suits the purpose of your visit. Please see the list of the administrative departments/centers
  • For Training program (ST), there is no need for an Erasmus+ agreement between BİLGİ and your home institution; however, the home university must have an Erasmus University Charter. 
  • The Departments/Centers will consider how the visit fits with their plan of work schedule
  • Letter of invitation will be issued by the related department that would like to host you. Please Click for Invitation Letter
  • In order to receive a signed copy of your Training Mobility agreement, please get in touch with the related department via e-mail. Please Click for Training Mobility Agreement
  • Please email copy of your “Training Mobility Agreement” and send it to or once you arrive, your first stop should be the Erasmus Office for a short meeting.
  • At the end of your mobility period, you will receive your Confirmation Letter by the related department. Please Click for Confirmation Letter.
  • Please Click for Incoming Staff Guideline !