2019-2020 Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching Call (HAS BEEN EXTEND)

Guidelines to Applicants:

Key Action 1 of the Erasmus+ Program provides funds for short term teaching visits of faculty members to partner institutions. This program is called ‘Staff Mobility for Teaching’, and coordinated by the Erasmus Office at Istanbul Bilgi University. Staff Mobility for Teaching who work in higher education institution in Turkey which has a ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education), the mobility which allows participants to receive teaching in one of the activity areas of the programme country .

The amount of support provided per day per country is determined by the National Agency (www.ua.gov.tr) based on instructions by the European Commission. The faculty members participating in the program may receive funding, including contributions for travel costs and subsistence during the period abroad. The subsistence grant is a contribution towards all other costs for the individual including travel within the city, accommodation, meals and snacks.

For each participant, the distance for travel is calculated by below ‘Distance Calculator’ provided by European Commission:


A fixed amount of travel grant is provided depending on the range of travel. For detailed information about the ranges in distance and the amount of grant, please see;

Grant Support :

Travel Support :

Within the scope of the first call, minimum 2 days ”or maximum 5 days of mobility can be awarded to the personnel who submit their applications. This may vary depending on the status of applications evaluated by the Erasmus Commission.The measurement of distance (in km) in between the settlement region of the employees and the area of active duty has to be calculated through the distance calculator. Methods of travel that include transfers do not have an effect upon the net value of the calculated distance measurement.

2019-2020 Erasmus + Personnel Mobility In accordance with the budget remaining within the scope of the Call, 12 employees will get paid.

Grants cannot be guaranteed until the day of mobility.

Duration of Mobility :

The minimum duration for an Erasmus+ Mobility for teaching is 2 days and the maximum duration is 5 days. This mobility period depends on the amount of the grant that will be allocated to Istanbul Bilgi University, therefore final mobility period is determined by Erasmus Office. In all cases, a teaching activity has to comprise a minimum of 8 hours teaching per week and you must be a full/part time faculty member to apply. Faculty members should contact the corresponding department of the partner institution, communicate and arrange his/her own Erasmus exchange visit. The host institution may assist you in finding on or off- campus housing and send you an invitation letter for the visa, if needed. 

To be able to participate in this mobility program, your Department/School/Faculty/Institute must have a valid agreement with the partner institution you intend to visit. Prospective candidates are advised to consult the list of placements that has been drawn up according to the Erasmus Agreements that the BILGI has signed with European partners for the academic year 2019-2020. Please click for Partner Universities https://www.bilgi.edu.tr/en/in...

The eligibility period of the Erasmus+ Mobility for Teaching will be valid until 31 May 2021.

The Staff Mobility for teaching can be participated between 20 March 2020- 31 May 2020.

How to Apply?

All full time or part time   faculty members who wish to take part in this mobility program should send application form, approved (signed and sealed) final teaching mobility agreement (completed) with invitation letter to erasmus@bilgi.edu.tr . Application Deadline is 02 March 2020.

Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for teaching applications will start on 16 December 2019

Academic staff teaching mobility is an activity calculated on the basis of the teaching day and the grant payment is made for the teaching day. For this reason, it is mandatory that the course program of the Staff Mobility For Teaching - Mobility Agreement is specified as day. Erasmus + Staff Mobility grant resources are limited. For this reason, The Number of granted days depends on the number of accepted applications. The faculty members and the academic units who have not participated in teaching mobility before will be given priority during the evaluation process.

Please click for the samples of application documents in hyperlinks:

Invitation letter Application Form and Staff Mobility for Teaching Agreement

Selection Criterias:

*Please Click for other Valid Foreign Language Exam  

P.S: Staff that have the same points will be given priority in their total service time under the Istanbul Bilgi University.

Please click for the list of the Partner Universities, countries which were applied before and the list of departments which participated in the program before.