Internship Opportunities

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While contacting first time with the companies, we suggest you to write a short intention/ motivation letter for introduce yourself. A well-prepared letter and CV will increase your chance to proceed the next stage. We suggest you to check online sources to find examples for these documents.

After you preparing a good CV and letter of intent, you can start the internship search process by looking at the web sites where you can find Erasmus + internships. 

Students are responsible themselves for researching and finding an appropriate internship position in relevant institutions. Regarding accommodation, students will be advised from the institution they are going to work at. However, students must find their own means of accommodation in the host country.

Please CLICK for the companies / organizations where our students were previously placed with the Erasmus+ Program.

Aslı Çiçek Architecture Interior Scenography (Please Click for offer) - NEW

Lucas Freire Architecture ( Please Click for offer) - NEW

Optimy (Please Click for offer)

Polydea (Please Click for offer)

Ascari (Please Click for offer)

Aarhus University (Please Click for offer) 

Digital Academy (Please Click for offer)

Hachette Livre (Please Click for offer)

University Paris 13 (Please Click for offer)

Alahambra International (Please Click for offer)

Impact Partenaires (Please Click for offer)

Amio (Please Click for offer)

Wingly (Please Click for offer)

Les Pensières (Please Click for offer)

Veomo (Please Click for offer) - NEW

TOP e.v. ( Please Click for offer) - NEW

Studio Flaer GbR ( Please Click for offer) - NEW

Hempel Rehabilitation (Please Click for offer) 

Migration Miteinader (Please Click for offer) 

Neuro-Psychiatrisches Zentrum Riem (Please Click for offer) 

Therapiezentum Munich (Please Click for offer) 

Startup Guide (Please Click for offer)

ML Components GmbH (Please Click for offer)

University of Pecs (Please Click for offer) - NEW

SES (Please Click for offer)

ML Components GmbH (Please Click for offer)

Hélène Dashorst Textile Design (Please Click for offer) - NEW

Cityforster (Please Click for offer)

International School of Bergen ( Please Click for offer)

Arendal International School (Please Click for offer)

Partenaire Pologne (Please Click for offer)

University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów (Please Click for offer)

Covet Group (Please Click for offer) – NEW

  1. Offer
  2. Offer
  3. Offer
  4. Offer
  5. Offer
  6. Offer
  7. Offer
  8. Offer

Teleperformance Portugal (Please Click for offer)

Placement Slovakia (Please Click for offer)

  1. Offer
  2. Offer
  3. Offer

Teleperformance Portugal (Please Click for offer)

Happy Foreigners World (Please Click for offer) - NEW

Dpointgroup ( Please Click for offer) - NEW

Vision Factory ( Please Click for offer) -NEW ( The students who have Green Passport should apply)

Proyecto Espanol /Please see the offers -NEW

1- Click 2-Click 3-Click 4-Click 5-Click 6-Click 7-Click

Plavier Restaurancio SL (Teklifi görmek için Click) - NEW

Infinita Proyectos ( Teklifi görmek için Click) - NEW

Cocina Hermano Torres ( Please Click for offer) - NEW

Proyecto Espanol (Please Click for offer)

Praktikum in Barcelona (Teklifi görmek için Click )

AstraZeneca (Please Click for offer)

Room Club ( Please Click for offer) - NEW

Mangera Yvars Architects   (Please Click for offer) - NEW

Baltex (Please Click for offer)

Liveseysolar Please see the offer

1-Click  2-Click  3-Click

Durham University Business School ( Please Click for offer)

Costello Medical (Please Click for offer)

Iwoca  (Please Click for offer)

Orbis (Please Click for offer)

 Augusta & Co  (Please Click for offer)

The British International School (Please Click for offer)

1-Click 2-Click 3-Click 4-Click

AstraZeneca (Teklifi görmek için Click)

British Study Center (Teklifi görmek için Click)

Futuro Digitale ( Please Click for Offer)

Active Youth  ( Please  Click for offer) - NEW