General Rules & Procedure

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Rules of Exchange


  • Erasmus+ Study Program must be minimum 3 months. Mobilities under 3 months must be proved with a report for justification considering force majeure cases. Otherwise, Erasmus+ mobility of the student will be regarded as invalid. 
  • Should a student participated in the Erasmus program in the same level of education (bachelor, graduate, post-graduate), -10 points will be deducted out of his/her Overall Erasmus Grade for the new application.
  • Students may extend/shorten their study period within the announced time period.
  • The partner institution will not demand any academic tutition fee from the student. Academic fee stands for education, registration, examination, lab and library fee. However the institution can demand payment within the same amount payed by the degree students, for usage of materials such as insurance, residence permit, transportation card, copy services, lab utensils.
  •  Should a student apply simultaneously to Erasmus+ exchange and Erasmus+ internship programs within the same application and evaluation period and be accepted to both, should decide for which one the deduction of 10 points will be applied. In such a case, the student will sign a petition regarding her/his decision. 


  • Students accepted for the Erasmus Exchange Program pay their tuition at BİLGİ as usual and are exempt from tuition at the partner (host) institution. However, they are responsible for transportation to and from the partner university and for all living costs and personal expenses during the exchange program.
  • Following the selection of BİLGİ Erasmus students, the Erasmus Office will notify the partner universities in Europe. The student will then make his/ her individual application to the partner university. Students must complete any necessary forms, including those for accommodation, meeting the deadlines set by the partner university.
  • Upon application, the student will receive a Letter of Acceptance from the International Office of the partner university and then apply for a student visa at the local consulate of that country. Students are responsible for applying for and obtaining any visas and residence permits required by the host country. The student must pay any fees required for these processes.
  • Students must prepare a Learning Agreement in consultation with their Department Erasmus Coordinators at BİLGİ and the partner university, to verify and confirm their study program during the exchange period. 
  • The partner university assigns an advisor for the exchange student to help him/her with their registration.
  • The partner university is responsible for assisting students with their living arrangements, contingent upon the student meeting all relevant deadlines.
  • Students must have a valid health insurance policy (full covered) for the country in which they wish to study. Health insurance must be arranged by the students before departure. If, however, for some reason the student is not able to do so, the partner university will assist the student in obtaining health insurance upon arrival. The necessary fees for the health insurance policy are to be paid by the student. The student is responsible for submitting a copy of the insurance no later than the date to be announced. 
  • Students are subject to the rules and regulations of the partner university as well as the laws of the country they are in, during their study period abroad.
  • Selected students must be registered on OLS system, which is a system consisted of language exams and language course modules and which is prepared in 6 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch). Language courses in OLS system are not compulsory and they are expected to be followed by students who require to participate or need a language support. Language exams, before and after mobility, and language courses must be in language, in which the students will participate in Erasmus program. Language course can be appointed only to students who completed their first exams. No students will be regarded as "completed the documents" without taking their exams after their mobility. All students are expected to take their exams no later than the date that will be defined and announced by our center.
  • At the completion of the exchange program, the partner university supplies the student with a transcript which includes all the courses taken while (s)he was in attendance there. In order to transferring the successfully completed courses’ credits, Partner University’s transcript and fully signed Credit Transfer Form have to be submitted to the Student Affairs.


  • If a student who is supposed to take English Exam do not attend the exam without informing Erasmus Office, - 5 point will be applied to the student’s next Erasmus application.
  • After the announcement of the placement list and announcement of grant a deadline will be announce to students for the cancellation. If the student cancels his/her mobility out of the determined deadlines, -10 points will be deducted from their Erasmus grade in their application for the following year.
  • The student who are not able to attend the program for any reason, should inform the Erasmus Office by submitting the cancellation letter which can be found on our website alongside the partner university.
  • The students who attend the Erasmus Program for full year are able to shorten their second semester by submitting the cancellation letter.


BİLGİ Erasmus Office is responsible to select the outgoing Erasmus students. Based on the number of selected students, the Erasmus Office applies to the Turkish National Agency for a budget of Erasmus mobility grants for the following academic year.

Criteria of grant distribution is determined by BILGI Erasmus Commission based on allocated budget to our university. Commission aims to grant maximum amount of student accordance with criteria which determined below. These criteria are determined according to rules in the guidebook of Turkish National Agency.

· Grant distributed according to university’s general Erasmus rank list based on Exchange period/ total days

· Grant distributed according to performance of faculty based on Exchange period/Total days

· All students grant over 3 months

Grant amounts are shown below:

Students who cannot receive a grant can be an Erasmus+ student without a grant if they wish.

Regarding Erasmus+ Student Exchange Program, students can participate to the Erasmus+ mobility total 12 months for each level of education (undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate), with or without grant. This means, students can receive mobility grants for 12 months in total for each of the Erasmus+ programs (Erasmus Exchange or Erasmus Placement), at each level. Thus, students should plan their mobility, as it will not exceed 12 months. Students will have a new total 12 months participation right to the Erasmus+ mobility in case of completing one study degree and starting a new study degree (E.g. graduating from Bachelor degree and starting to Master degree). In other word, students may participation to the Erasmus+ Mobility maximum total 36 months (bachelor/master/PHD), on the condition of maximum 12 months for each level.


Student should complete the 2/3 of the total credit they received at partner university successfully. If the student is not able to meet this criteria, his/her grant payment may be deducted or returned.

Students who participate to the mobility must sign a contract with BİLGİ accepting the conditions of the Erasmus mobility grants, which is to successfully complete their study program of a minimum of 30 ECTS credits/ semester. If a student is not able to meet the conditions set in the Student Contract, he/she may be required to repay the Erasmus mobility grant back to BİLGİ.

Unless there is a reasonable excuse, it is compulsory to complete OLS exam before the mobility. In case of not completing OLS exam before and/or after the mobility, there will be 5% deduction.

Except the official holidays and semester breaks, students cannot leave the cities/countries that they are in for the Erasmus Exchange. Those students who leave the country/city for more than a week; will not receive mobility grants for the period of their absence. If payed before, will be asked for a refund.

The mobility grant can be deducted or refund if the student does not submit the required documents after the mobility.

For students who end their mobility period before planned due to force majeure causes*( family causes, health issues, natural disasters etc.) will be granted only for days rested at the foreign country. If the student is granted before mobility for more than actualized dates, the extra amount will be asked for refunding from the student. According to “General Proposal Call” declared by the European Commission, Erasmus+ exchange program should last for at least 3 months, and Erasmus+ internship for 2 months. This minimum duration cannot be lessened apart from the majeure causes mentioned afore.

  ** Majeure cause**, stands for a situation or event that prevents one of the parts in a contract to fulfil its contractual obligation, not caused by fault or omission of the parts, subcontracts, affiliates or 3rdparts involved in the application, but occurs inevitably and unpredicably outside of the parts’ control, despite all the care and attention. A service not provided, defects in equipments or utensils or their delay in being prepared, cannot be declared as a majeure cause if not directly caused by a force majeure, labor dispute, strike or financial issues.