Graduate Student Affairs Office

Graduate Student Affairs Office

During the academic year Weekdays 09:00-19:00

The desired changes can be made through the Student Sıte (

Please see below for the contact info of the Graduate Student Affairs Office:

santralistanbul Campus, L1 building
Eski Silahtarağa Elektrik Santralı
Kazım Karabekir Cad. No: 2/13 34060 Eyüp-İstanbul
0212 311 73 57 – 0212 311 71 76

The prospective students may apply by filling out an application from our website during the dates set by the University.
Once the applications are complete, the programs contact the applicants regarding their admissions and enrollment information.

The accepted applicants can contact the Graduate Student Affairs Office and the Office of Financial Affairs regarding the necessary documents and payment options.

  • Temporary graduation certificate or a notarized photocopy of undergraduate diploma (true copy, graduate diploma for Doctorate programs)
  • Equivalency Certificate for applicants with foreign undergraduate or graduate degrees 
  • Official transcript
  • Notarized copy of your ID or its photocopy
  • Recent military service certificate (the deferral date must be after October 7th)
  • ALES /GMAT / GRE Scores (for those wishing to enroll in thesis-based programs and doctorate programs or for the departments who require scores for admissions)
  • Statement for Foreign Language Proficiency (TOEFL,YDS,e-YDS or BILET 3 scores as required for thesis-based Graduate and English language of instruction Graduate and TOEFL,YDS or e-YDS scores for Doctorate programs)

Foreign Nationals:

  • Notarized photocopy of undergradaute diploma (graduate diploma for Doctorate Programs)
  • Equivalency Certificate approved by YOK (Higher Education Council)
  • Official Transcript
  • Original copy of your GRE, GMAT scorecard (if requested by the Program)
  • Relevant pages of your passport (ID details)

You may submit your notarized documents via mail. You will be contacted as your files are processed.

For the programs that offer scholarships, please contact the program directors.

If you are a graduate stundent in any university, you may register for some courses as a special student as long as the respective department allows it. You may register after submitting a letter to the Institute of Social Sciences and receiving the approvals of the program director and the course instructor.

The following documents can be obtained from the Graduate Student Affairs Office:

Discipline Certificate
Student ID Card
Hard Copy Diplomas

Please refer to 'Document Request' link available at the Student Pages in order to request transcripts and student certificates. The documents will be prepared with electronic signature. When the documents are prepared we will upload it to your SIS page (my digitally signed documents ares) and send them to your e-mail address. 

If you want to take a digital diploma you can contact to Student Affairs ( 

If you want to take a hard copy diploma again; 

The student has to submit a request by coming to the Graduate Student Affairs Office in person after depositing a payment equivalent to 100 Turkish lira (TL) to the below bank account.

To an anonymous newspaper, The BİLGİ University will submit an ad that says "The diploma that was prepared ……. by ….. institute ….. on the date of …….. has been lost and will be renewed therefore the old diploma is no longer valid". 

TL Bank Account: Bank : Garanti Bank
Branch : Çaglayan
Brach Code : 403
Account No : 6201302
IBAN : TR20 0006 2000 4030 0006 2013 02
Account Name : İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi

The ranking is announced by the university in the form of a certificate. The students who are requesting their ranking should contact Graduate Student Affairs Office. Only graduated students can apply for ranking certificate.

Diploma supplement is presented to the student along with the diploma and mentions the courses taken, grades of courses, the grade point average, the status and attributes awarded to the student.

The students who have graduated within the academic year of the graduation ceremony can attend the ceremony.

The ceremonies are held at the santralistanbul Campus and the related announcements are announced a month earlier.

For cash payments, via EFT / Money Transfers:
Bank Account: Garanti Bank Çağlayan Branch: 6295673
IBAN NO: TR96 0006 2000 4030 0006 2956 73
Recipient: İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi

Bonus, Shop & Miles, Flexi, Maximum, Cardfinans, Worldcard, Axess, Wings, Fish

Those wishing to enroll in additional courses will have to pay per course. The tuition is subject to change depending on the program and the academic year.

Only students with scholarship will make additional payments. Those students who have been granted scholarships and have failed a course (including 0-credited courses and thesis/projects), are subject to pay the credit amount equivalent to the scholarship they were granted.

New Student IDs can be obtained by contacting the Graduate Student Affairs Office.


You can apply online from the  İETT website. 


Once the request(s) has been submitted, transcripts will be available after 2 (two) business days while all other documents will be available after 1 (one) business day on Student Pages as a digitally signed document.

Please refer to the “Academic Information” section found at the Student Sites.

Please refer to “Course Catalog” section found at the Student Sites or please contact the advisors/asistants in the relevant program.


Yes. There is a 70% mandatory attendance for courses.

If the course fails, the core course and the elective course must be repeated for the next academic year with the same course (for core courses) or another course. The lecturer of the course should be contacted for objection.

If the student does not have the 2,80 GPA necessary for graduation, the courses passed with the C+ (conditional pass) must be repeated.

If the student desires to graduate with more credits than the program requires, the student must make payments payments for each desired course.


A course can be taken from a different university. In order to receive exemption, the student should apply for course exemption to the department with his/her transcript.


Please contact the department’s administrative assistant or please refer to in order to search for the instructor.


The students are required to complete their course registrations for each academic semester between the dates set by the academic calendar.

 The registrations can be made from the “Registration / Term Registration” link available at the After selecting his/her courses for the given semester, each student should get approval from the program coordinator/advisors.

We kindly advise you to consult with the department advisors and get their approval before completing the registration.

The “registration code” that the system produces at the end of the registration will be sent to the program advisor or coordinator to get approval automatically. You also receive an e-mail after registration has been approved.

A request letter that mentions the desired course(s) should be written and must be approved by the course instructor. The letter can be submitted to the Graduate Student Affairs Offce.

It is a course that needs to be taken in order to register for other courses from the course list.

Some courses may require prior knowledge for their completions. Please contact the course instructor to get his/her consent in order to register.

If you have not taken the prerequisite, you may request the consent of the course instructor for the desired course.

With the permission of program director/advisors, students can change, add or drop courses within the maximum and minimum course limits set by the respective programs during the Add/Drop dates in the academic calendar.

Students can apply for course exemptions if the course to be completed in order to graduate has been taken in an undergraduate or another graduate program. Course exemption forms are to be completed and handed in to the programs within the first week of each semester. Elective courses must be taken in place of the exempted courses.

Students can withdraw from a course within the dates set by the academic calendar. In order to withdraw, please refer to the “Withdrawal Request” link available at the student register site. The “security code” should be sent to program directors/advisors to receive approval. Students cannot withdraw from a course if the course is a repetitive of “F” grade and thesis course. 

Please contact the Graduate Student Affairs regarding late registration appeal. Once your late registration reason is accepted, you may register for courses.

Students, regardless of thesis/non-thesis based, can apply for leave of absence for maximum four semesters. Consecutively, leave of absence can be granted for two semesters. The leave of absence form and the document supporting the reason stated in the form should be sent to Institute of Social Sciences Board of Directors in 7 weeks after the beginning of the semester. 

Once the requset has been accepted, the student’s status will change to “ON HOLD” on the student site.

Please apply with your Enrollment Removal Form approved by Financial Affairs Office and submit it to Institute of Social Sciences Board of Directors.

Internal Transfer is transfer of enrollment from one department to another.

In order to transfer to a different department:

- the completion of at least 25% of the enrolled program

- all the courses of you must be passed with minimum letter requirement

- Your average must be at least 2.80 (3.20 for doctorate)

- 50% of the total amount of credits completed by you should be similar to the course descriptions or topics of the desired department

- You can apply for the internal transfer until the end of 2nd semester.

- You are obliged to complete 50% of the program to which you transfer.

The students can find information about their courses at the Student Pages as well as Exam schedules and course schedules are announced by each program.

Those who wish to have their military services postponed by the University should provide an up-to-date military service status form during student registration. An acceptance is awarded unless the applicant has shyed away from latest call for recruitment or is enrolled in another institute of education. Average extension granted to Graduate Students with thesis is 3 years,  Graduate Students without thesis 1,5 years and to Doctorate Students is 6 years. 

The same password is used for logging in to all the platforms. If you have forgotten your password, please type “bilgipass” and send it to 2322 as SMS to obtain a temporary password.

You must reset your password after the initial log-in.

You may reset your password by logging in to

The final exam schedule and the course schedules are announced by each department.

Your scores are displayed by letter grades of the score given in numbers and can be viewed at the student site.

The courses whose final grades have not been posted will be displayed as “IP” while failed courses will have “F”. Please refer to the chart below for numerical equivalence of letter.


Letter Equivalence     Grade                         Description

A                                 4.00                             Excellent

A-                                3.70                             Excellent

B+                               3.30                             Good

B                                 3.00                             Good

B-                                2.70                             Acceptable

C+                               2.30                             Conditional

F                                 0                                   Failed


For phD students,

Letter Equivalence     Grade                         Description

A                                 4.00                             Excellent

A-                                3.70                             Excellent

B+                               3.30                             Good

B                                 3.00                             Acceptable

B-                                2.70                            Conditional

F                                 0                                   Failed


Please contact the course instructor and with the department or submit a Complaint form to the related Institue.

The student is eligible for graduation as long as he/she completes the necessary courses and submits the thesis/project with a minimum average of 2,80 (3,20 for doctorate programs) .

The digitally signed diplomas are available two months after the student’s date of graduation. The diplomas can be downloaded on Student Pages. You may download your digitally signed diplomas on 'my digitally signed documents' menu on your student page.

The diplomas can be picked up by someone who is a notarized delegate of the graduating student.