You may contact Aslı Ertunç, the Sports Unit contact person at 212 311 6366.

The facility is open 08.30-21.00 on weekdays and 08.30-16.00 on Saturdays. The facility is closed on Sundays. You can make a reservation by calling Aslı Ertunç, the Sports Unit contact person at 212 311 6256 or by emailing her at

Reservations are important for the use of the facility after 5 PM. If you do not show up for a reservation without an excuse, you will not be allowed to make another reservation.

At the Kuştepe campus facility, you can play basketball, volleyball, handball, and table tennis and use the fitness equipment free of charge. All you must do is make an appointment with the Sports Unit.

At the Dolapdere campus, you can use the privately operated semi-Olympic size swimming pool and fitness center by becoming a member at a reduced price.

At the santralistanbul campus, you can use the regulation size basketball court any time of day without having to make a reservation.

The swimming pool is located at the Dolapdere Campus. Please call 212 311 5477 for the terms of membership.

No equipment is loaned out of the facilities.

The following teams are a part of the Turkish University Sports Federation and have shown varying degrees of success: Women’s Handball, Women’s Volleyball, Men’s Basketball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Billiards, Tennis, American Football, Triathlon, Athletics, Sailing, Skiing, and Snowboarding.

At the beginning of every academic year, one month after classes begin, tryouts are held for the sports teams that need players and the announcements are posted on all campuses.

Who can participate in sports teams? Any athlete able to do sports and has the capacity to compete at the university level is welcome to do so.

Upon the recommendation of the Sports Unit, any athlete that plays at the national level, is certified, or has played at the national level and competes in one of the team or individual sports on offer at the University can receive an athletic scholarship. Any student that has received an athletic scholarship is reevaluated at the beginning of every academic year for performance, discipline, and participation.