Student Clubs

Student Clubs

More than 100 student clubs carry out their operations in the categories of "Academic Content, Intellectual, Sports and Arts Content, Social Responsibility and Hobbies".

You can either apply to the club booths set up on the campus on Club Promotion Days, or contact at any time the people in charge at our website via e-mail.

There is no limitation as to the membership of clubs, and you can become a member to as many clubs as you like.

You can apply to the Clubs Coordinator's Office at the beginning of each academic year to access the list of active clubs, and in the event that there is no active club that falls into your area of interest, you can fill in the "Club Bylaws", and file an application with the signatures of at least 10 members.

You can contact the Clubs Coordinator's Office for detailed information.

You should contact the Clubs Coordinator's Office at least 15 days in advance before the event, and fill in the "event form", which will specify the venue, date and purpose of the event, and obtain approval.

You should come to the Student Clubs and Activities Office and fill out the “activity form” that states the place, date, and purpose of organizing an activity at least 7 days before the planned activity and then have the request approved.

You can get sponsorship from institutions and organizations meeting the legal conditions, which can prove benefits to our university and students. You should have the Sponsorship file to be prepared before the event approved by the Clubs Coordinator's Office.

Clubs are provided with tangible and intangible support according to their business plan they will prepare and submit at the beginning of the academic year. They are provided with the opportunity to carry out promotions, register members, hold events, and provide transportation and accommodation.