Student Council

Student Council

The following requirements apply with respect to eligibility for election:

  • The student should be a registered student of an associate degree, bachelor's degree, or graduate degree program offered by the relevant department, or registered with the English Language Preparatory Program, and should be entitled to the student rights under the Istanbul Bilgi University Regulation for Bachelor's and Associate Degrees Education and Examinations under the Credit System for students in associate degree and bachelor's degree programs, or under the Istanbul Bilgi University Graduate Education and Teaching Regulation for students in graduate degree programs. Special students, students registered with the university within the framework of exchange programs, and equivalence recognition students cannot run in the elections; students registered in minor programs cannot run for the student representative position for the department where they are enrolled in the minor program; double-major students or students registered in more than one department may run to represent only one department.
  • The student should not be a member or officer of political party bodies.
  • The student should not have completed the normal education period.
  • Graduation should not be a possibility by the end of the semester wherein the election is held, taking into consideration the courses the student is registered for, and the curriculum of the department.
  • The student should not be on leave as of the semester wherein the election is held.
  • The student should not be subject to suspension as a disciplinary action.
  • The student should have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 for associate or bachelor's degree programs, 2.80 for master's programs, and 3.20 for Ph.D. programs. The cumulative grade point average requirement shall not apply for students running for the student representative position for the English Language Preparatory Program, or students enrolled in their first semester of actual program.

Student Council elections are held every two years. Elections are held in accordance with an election schedule determined and announced by the Election Committee on the basis of a schedule, duration and program to be determined by the Higher Education Council.

The Student Council aims to contribute to meeting the education, health, sports and cultural requirements of the students enrolled in İstanbul Bilgi University, ensure an efficient communication among the management bodies and students and communicate the expectations and requests of students, and to ensure participation of the students in decisions to be made on education and training issues.

The Student Council General Assembly consists of the representatives of Faculties, High Schools, Vocational High Schools and Institutes, as well as student representatives of English Preparation Programs. Student Council General Assembly Members also elect the Student Council Chairman from among themselves.

Voter lists are prepared by the Registrar's Office, and are approved and announced by the Election Committee. Voting criteria are as follows:

Votes are cast by secret ballot and as determined by the Election Committee. The voting is performed as follows electronically:

If you meet candidacy requirements, you may file a candidacy application with santralİstanbul Campus Student Support Center (the Container behind the Event Canvas), and participate in the elections. You may be selected Department Representative provided that 20% of students of the department you become a candidate for cast their votes and you receive at least 10% of the votes cast. In case the specified voting rate is achieved and more than one candidate exists, the student who receives the highest number of votes is elected department representative.

The duties of the department's student representative are specified below, and apply only with respect to the department for which the student was elected and the students which the representative represents:

  • Carry out the Student Council activities,
  • Attend, upon the invitation by the relevant department chair, faculty dean, or the director of the college, vocational school, or institute, or the rector's office, the meetings where matters concerning the students shall be discussed.
  • Announce the Student Council bodies' decisions in the department, and monitor their implementation,
  • Attend the student representatives committee meetings of its department, and to represent the students in such meetings,
  • Identify the issues concerning the students, and reporting them to the Student Council and the relevant academic and administrative units of the University,
  • Represent the students at the student activities,
  • Develop the communications between the students and the academic and administrative units of the university,
  • Coordinate student events,