Talent Development

Talent Development

All of the Career Center services are free of charge.

Unfortunately. All of the Career Center activities are targeted to BİLGİ students and graduates.

Career Center is not a licensed employment agency. Reason of Career Center is not to do job placement to Bilgi students and graduates but help them gain employability skills which they will need throughout their lives.
Students can view and apply to the job announcements posted on Career Center’s web site and boards on the campus. However this does not mean they have agreement. Job application process is between the candidate and the employer. Career Center does not involve in this process.

Besides “compulsory internship that are pre-requisites for graduation, volunteer internships are done by students in order to gain hands on experience. Thanks to the voluntary internships, many of our students had the opportunity to see what they really want for their careers. Thus they could start their work lives more confidently.
Career Center pays for Voluntary Internship insurance of our students. This provides a competitive advantage.

You should contact to Career Center 2 weeks before the internship start date. You should hand in the required documents at least 5 work days in advance. For required documents: Please visit www.bilgikariyer.com and click on the banner entitled: “Gönüllü Staj Yapmak İsteyen Öğrenciler”. 

Career Center posts some available job annoncements however it does not guide you to a particular job. Instead it helps you to discover your own opportunities through coaching, counselling, sertificate programs, seminar and many other activities.

Assistance with “Cv” and statement of purpose writing, mock interview, coaching and counseling are the individual services that we provide. Besides under the name of university-industry cooperation, certificate programs, self-help and introduction to work life seminars are also available. In order to strengthen student-alumni relations we also conduct mentorship programs. For current programs please visit: www.bilgikariyer.com 

Counseling sessions are individualized sessions for students and alumni who know what they want to do with their careers but do not know how to do it. There are three counselors in Career Center.
Coaching on the other hand is a service in which they can find the answers to the questions like “What do I want?”, “How can I do it?” “Where do I begin?”. One coaching session takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Coaching helps the students to discover themselves. In individualized sessions they can face with their emotional states and try to learn more about themselves. Coaching helps them to see and develop their unseen face. You can see coaching as a journey for discovery for one’s own. In Career Center, two trained coaches work. Two types of coaching given: Gestalt and general coaching. Gestalt coaching is given by Canan Tütüncükara and General coaching is given by Duygu Biricik Gülseren. For coaching to be effective, we advise our students and alumni to receive 8-10 sessions on average. If you want to continue coaching sessions, you can continue. Coachees can easily see the benefit of this service.

Each program may have different criteria. In general, most of certificate programs are open for sophomore and senior students. For detailed criteria please see the program posters. First come firs served.

Depending on the program duration and content, students who show up lectures receive certificates.

Depending on the company, students who were successful in the given projects may have the internship opportunities.

All Bilgi students and alumni can benefit from these services.

Our alumni who have at least 3-5 years of work experience serve as mentors are matched with students who plan to pursue careers on the related field. Alumni provide this service voluntarily. Students have the opportunity to meet their mentors individually for a period of 6 months. Alumni who wish to be a part of our mentorship program may contact Career Center via kariyermerkezi@bilgi.edu.tr


Career Center operates between  08.30 am  – 05.30 pm on work days. Our office is located on ÇSM Z - 110.

You can send an e-mail to kariyermerkezi@bilgi.edu.tr regarding to your request. Alternatively, you can reach us via www.bilgikariyer.com under “Danışman Randevusu” (Counselling Appointment). “Counseling”, “Coaching”, “CV/ Mock Interview assistance”. We recommend that you don’t stop by without appointment because our counselors might be busy with other students.