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International Scholarship and Research Mobility Supports (Marie Skłodowska Curie)

Marie Skłodowska Curie International Scholarship and Research Mobility Supports (MSCA) aims to strengthen the human potential in research and technology in terms of quantity and quality, to support career development of researchers, to encourage transnational, intersectoral and interdisciplinary researcher mobility. Thus, it aims to make Europe and Turkey an attraction center for researchers.

MSCA, with the innovative research training opportunities, career opportunities and knowledge-sharing, international and inter-sectoral mobility programs provided under Horizon2020, is a structure that allows researchers to co-study for 20 years in any research area where they wish to study.

There is a support mechanism within the MSCA for all ages and career stages. The aforementioned support mechanisms are as following:

  • Individual Fellowships- IF: It provides scholarship support for researchers with a doctoral degree or at least 4 years of research experience. Within the scope of individual scholarships, researchers who carry out research activities in Europe and countries outside Europe and who plan to return to Turkey or have just returned are supported.
  • Innovation Staff Exchange-RISE: It is an exchange program in which researchers of all levels can participate without leaving the institution, without the minimum and maximum experience requirement. Through the consortia to be formed within the scope of RISE program and the exchange of researcher staff, technical and administrative personnel between Turkey and countries from within and outside Europe, it is aimed to provide the transfer of knowledge, technology and experience between sectors (academia/industry) and countries.
  • Innovative Training Networks- ITN: It provides scholarship support for researchers who have not yet received their doctoral degree or who have less than 4 years of research experience. Within the scope of supported ITN projects, project partner organizations open research positions and employ and train researchers at the beginning of their career (masters, doctoral students, etc.) while conducting research on an innovative subject. The European Commission offers scholarships to researchers employed in these projects.
  • COFUND: Within the scope of the Program, institutions which are providing or candidate to provide research scholarship in Turkey are supported. With COFUND, it is aimed to provide additional funding to organizations that already have a scholarship and support mechanism for research projects or to establish regional, national and international scholarship programs for organizations which want to create such a program in Turkey or which provide research scholarships to support existing programs. If the proposals of the organization applying for the scholarship program to COFUND are approved, they are funded by the European Commission and thus offer scholarship opportunities through national organizations.

Project proposals can be written in all research areas.  Researchers are free to choose the areas and sectors to make research.

MSCA opportunities are open to the participation of universities, research institutions, research infrastructures, non-governmental organizations conducting research, SMEs and large industrial organizations and focus on the concepts of “research” and “innovativeness”. It is expected that the project proposals to be prepared will also include international mobility while proposing research. In this context, the researchers involved in the projects agree to go from one country to another for research in order to ensure their career development and they are funded accordingly. 

For detailed information on Marie Skłodowska Curie Research Programs and Fellowships, click here.